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Interior Design Tips with Martin Hulbert

2 September 2021 / Meet the Creator / Lifestyle /

Following the extensive interior refurbishment that The Grove recently underwent, we caught up with the man behind the magic, Martin Hulbert, and asked him for his top interior design tips based upon the areas of The Grove that he constructed, to help you with your own interior design ventures at home.

Bedrooms: Be inspired by the view from your window

At The Grove, Martin invited the exterior surroundings into the interior bedrooms through the use of colour and texture. With many of our bedrooms overlooking luscious green gardens, natural, earthy tones of green and brown, as well as rustic textures, have been used to connect the indoors with the outdoors. What does the view from your bedroom look like? If it’s not something that you wish to replicate inside, do not fear. Martin suggests that putting your bed in front of the window will actually shift the focus from the outdoors to the interiors instead. Problem solved!

Lounges: Use the sunlight

The Blue Lounge at The Grove

When it comes to your lounge, Martin explains: “Look at where the sunlight comes into your living room. If south-facing and you get the sun, use brighter, sunnier colours. If north-facing and it’s darker, use warmer, richer and rustier colours. Don’t fight the natural aspect of the room.” He continues: “In dark rooms, some people try and make it look lighter with brighter colours but it’s best to go with the natural light.” In this instance, we can take the blue room in the Lounges as an example. This room is naturally a dark space so Martin chose to use dark blues, whereas for the panoramic lounge at the other end with its large windows, he used bright greens and blues.

Panoramic Lounge

Kitchens: Be inspired by The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse Restaurant, Hertfordshire

Over the past two years, our kitchens have fast become the heart of the home with more and more people spending time cooking together. They are also entertainment spaces where people socialise, eat and live. At The Grove, The Glasshouse reflects this buzzing atmosphere as the chef’s stations are nearby diners and to those browsing the offering. To make your kitchen feel more sociable, warm and friendly (whether it’s open-plan or not), Martin suggests giving it some personality by having a mixture of furniture: “Kitchen units don’t have to be hard, white and minimal, they can have texture and colour. Also, not everything has to match. You could have an antique dresser next to a contemporary unit, which sits alongside an ornate chandelier, complete with a comfortable armchair. Don’t be afraid to mix styles and bring your own personality to your home.”

Hallways: The handmade touch

Not all of your furniture needs to be shop bought. Why don’t you channel your inner Angel Adoree and craft a piece of your own? Martin explains: “When we recently refurbished the lobby at The Grove, we made it feel warmer and more welcoming by simply adding more to the space.” The beaded curtain in the lobby was carefully handmade, making the space feel homely, approachable and less formal. At home, you can easily do the same thing. So, to make your hallway feel inviting to guests as soon as they step through the door, why not create something handmade yourself?

Find out more about Martin’s work at The Grove by reading our Q&A with him following the recent Lounges refurbishment.

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