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Registered office: Ralph Trustees Ltd, 5-6 Down Street, London, W1J 7AH.
Registration number: 00872008
VAT registration: 666 1833 16

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement caret-down


This is the Modern Slavery Transparency Statement of Ralph Trustees Limited (“RTL”) for the financial year ending 29th April 2018.  This statement is made pursuant to s.54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 creates offences in respect of slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking (“Modern Slavery”). RTL are committed to combatting all forms of Modern Slavery.

Policies and Procedures

RTL have existing policies and procedures which assist in combatting Modern Slavery including: checks and verification in respect of migrant workers; core values encompassing open two-way communication that encourages reports from staff of unethical conduct; and a central register of recruitment agents and supplier contracts.

RTL has also recently taken the following steps to further enhance its policies and procedures:

  • A Modern Slavery Policy has been put in place
  • Suppliers and recruitment agencies have been issued with a copy of the Modern Slavery Policy

In the coming months, RTL intends to take additional steps including:

  • Expanding due diligence on subcontractors and suppliers
  • Modern Slavery training across the wider group

Gender Pay Narrative caret-down

Mandatory Gender Pay Gap reporting applies to all private and voluntary sector employers in
England, Wales and Scotland who have at least 250 employees as of 5 April 2017. Those
organisations are required to publicly report their gender pay gap metrics on the government sponsored website with the aim of eliminating the gender pay gap.

Ralph Trustees Ltd is a family-owned group of luxury hotels and apartments located in and around central London. Each of our establishments has its own individualism and its own sense of style and all are operated by people with a genuine passion for relaxed luxury service.

Over the past few years we have placed emphasis on driving equality of pay within our business, and we can report that as of 5th April 2023, our mean gender pay gap stands at 9.5%, favouring males. This is well below the average gender pay gap reported by the Office for National Statistics which stands at 14.9% for 2022 [15.4% 2021] for All Employees. There is a gap of 4.1% for 2023 favouring females in terms of median pay, which was 2.7% favouring males as reported 2021/2.

Our mean gender pay gap in bonus stands at 56.7% (compared with 48.5% 2021/22) and median gender pay gap in bonus stands at 36.6% (compared with 0.6% 2021/22), favouring males in 2023 and females in 2022. In 2023, 14.7% of female and 8.2% of male employees received a bonus (1% of
both female and male in 2022).

We continue our commitment to driving equal pay across our business, not only through our reward strategy, but also through our approach to recruiting, training, developing, coaching, promoting and supporting our teams. The overall Total % split between males and females remained equal for 2023 and 2022. The full metrics including the analysis within each quartile are shown below:

Gender Number of Employees (2022) % Per Quartile Number of Employees (2023) % Per Quartile
Upper Quartile Female 92 46.2% 60 45.8%
Male 107 53.8% 71 54.2%
Upper Middle Quartile Female 102 51.5% 78 59.1%
Male 96 48.5% 54 40.9%
Lower Middle Quartile Female 63 31.8% 65 49.2%
Male 135 68.2% 67 50.8%
Lower Quartile Female 141 71.2% 55 41.7%
Male 57 28.8% 77 58.3%

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