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1. Don’t feel pressured to spend every hour together

Make sure you balance family time with having your own space. Why not plan a family activity after breakfast, such as a stroll or bike ride through Asher’s Woodland Trails and then leave the afternoon free for everyone to spend their time as they wish, before reuniting for a family meal in the evening at The Glasshouse.

2. Be flexible

Travelling in a group means it’s hard to please everyone all of the time, so try not to worry about everyone else. There will also likely be differences in childcare approaches, however, as it’s only for a few days, be prepared to let the little things go, such as the children being given a few extra food treats from their grandparents!

3. Get the right balance of activities

Ralph's Beach - Children's Activities

Be careful not to book too many activities and struggle to keep up with your itinerary. As well as grandparents potentially not having the energy to keep up, all adults need time to relax and children need to spend unstructured free time playing too.

Luckily, when you’re in the Walled Garden, there’s ample space for kids to splash in the pool or play games on the beach whilst parents and grandparents relax on a sun lounger or have a wander around Jemima’s Kitchen Garden.

4. Book a family experience

Woodland Hawking

Although you need to make sure you’re not too busy, a family activity is a great way to bond and create memories. Why not try a family golf lesson, archery session or even private hawking walk experience?

5. Share the responsibilities of childcare

Lounges - Cocktails - June 21

Make the most of having more adults away with you so you can spend time as a couple. Arrange times when grandparents take the children out, or look after them so you can spend some quality time together over a relaxing spa treatment or cocktail in the Lounges.

Don’t forget our babysitting services mean you can give all the adults the night off!

6. Enjoy your own space

With our interconnected rooms, you’ll be close enough to the kids but still have your own space. Our various room options mean everyone will have their own comfortable space to retreat to after a day of adventure.

Book a stay at The Grove for the whole family.


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