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1. Give your skin a spring clean

It’s the season where most of us re-evaluate, tidy up and refresh aspects of our homes and lives, so why not extend this to your skincare routine? We recommend starting your day with the C+C Vitamin Micellar Cleansing Water. It’s a one-step cleanser free of soaps and parabens which will leave your skin feeling fresh and ready for the day. Throw our C+C Vitamin Splash mist into the mix and give your skin an extra glow. It can be used in your cleansing routine as a toner, as a setting spray at the end of your makeup, or throughout the day when you need a revitalising refresh. Top tip – keep the bottle in the fridge. (You can thank us later!)

At the end of each day, our skin needs all the love we can give it after time spent exposed to the elements. For extra hydration and repair after we’ve cleansed our skin, we’ll follow up with our new C+C Vitamin Soufflé moisture mask, which launches this month! This antioxidant firming mask contains shea butter to help reduce dryness and improves skin firmness with ascorbic acid. Simply apply the mask, pop a couple of cucumber slices over your eyelids, sit back and let the magic happen!

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2. Protect your skin

As we head into the warmer months and the sun has its hat on for longer, it’s increasingly important that we make sure our skin is protected. An SPF 50 will do just the trick and prevent the signs of aging that comes from sun exposure. Our C+C Vitamin Dry-Touch SPF 50 has a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula with antioxidant and hydrating ingredients. Not only does it protect the skin but it also works to treat any previous sun damage, so is a real miracle-worker that we can’t live without!

3. Invest in regular treatments

Booking yourself in for a nourishing facial each month will allow you to boost the effect of your home skincare routine. As well as the benefits for your skin, a treatment will also allow you some much-needed time to relax and switch off from the everyday. Our pick is the Diamond Experience Infusion of Life facial. The combination of new LED technology used induces a fast and deep penetration of the active ingredients, stimulating the synthesis of collagen which visibly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and increases firmness and elasticity, whilst restoring a youthful glow on every level of the skin.

Bamford facial treatment

If you’re unsure which treatment is best for you, the team at Sequoia spa will be happy to chat through your options. Alternatively, browse the treatment menu and book here.

Keen to try one of the products recommended above? Visit the Sequoia spa reception to make a purchase. Spa members will receive their usual discount.

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