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We have a drip for every need


IV Drips at The Grove

Each drip is constructed post-consultation and contains a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

Be Rejuvenated | £150 | 60 minutes caret-down

Reduces inflammation and replenishes the body, eliminating headaches and nausea,

Curcumin | £300 | 60 minutes caret-down

Harness curcumin – nature’s powerful anti-oxidant. Treat discomfort and disease as a result of inflammation in the body, including from auto-immune disease flare-ups, leaky gut and IBS, Crohn’s Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Be Brighter | £325 | 60 Minutes caret-down

A beauty-enhancing formula that brightens skin and strengthens hair and nails.

Be Boosted | £325 | 60 Minutes caret-down

An immunity-boosting blend that encourages optimal performance of the immune system.

ALA | £350 | 60 Minutes caret-down

Slows down ageing with skin optimisation, minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protecting your brain and cells from free radicals.

Be Energised | £375 | 60 Minutes caret-down

Created to complement your fitness routine. This infusion enhances recovery, enables lactate washout and encourages muscle growth.

Be Individual | £420 | 60 Minutes caret-down

Your bespoke wellness infusion, consisting of six ingredients chosen post-consultation to target your needs.

NAD Be Individual | £500 | 90 Minutes caret-down

Supercharge your physical and mental wellbeing. This infusion has been formulated to increase the levels of NAD+ in your body, resulting in higher energy levels, improved metabolism, and enhanced focus and concentration. Reap all the benefits of NAD+ plus an individually designed IV infusion to complete your treatment.

We have a booster for every need

Opt for a single 15 minute IM booster (intramuscular) shot of selected vitamins and medications from £75

Biotin IM Boosters | £75 | 15 minutes caret-down

Biotin strengthens hair and nails.

Vitamin D IM Boosters | £75 | 15 minutes caret-down

A common deficiency in the UK particularly post-COVID.

Glutathione IM Boosters | £75 | 15 minutes caret-down

A free radical that clears the complexion.

B12 IM Boosters | £75 | 15 minutes caret-down

Essential for energy production.

Terms and Conditions

Pre-payment will be taken at the time of booking with a minimum of 24 hours cancellation to avoid a 100% charge. Sequoia members discount will be applied. A consultation will be carried out prior to treatment. To get the most out of your treatment we recommend booking a course of 6 and receiving 10% off or booking a course of 10 and receiving 15% off.

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