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1. Daylight makes you feel awake

After what might be your third or fourth meeting of the day, you’re bound to start feeling a little snoozy, but when surrounded by natural daylight, tiredness may be reduced. Natural daylight helps to manage our circadian rhythms – the 24-hour clock in our brain that regulates cycles of alertness and sleepiness throughout the day. This rhythm responds primarily to light and darkness, so getting enough exposure to natural light can help us feel alert and full of beans during the working day and enable us to sleep better at night.

2. Natural daylight boosts your mood

Have you ever noticed how your mood instantly improves when you step outside on a sunny day? That’s not just a coincidence; it’s science. Often known as the ‘feel good’ hormone, serotonin is produced when exposed to natural daylight, and helps to reduce stress, feelings of low mood and anxiety.  As a result, we may feel happier and more motivated. Being in this positive frame of mind while at work will benefit productivity and also the attitudes of colleagues around you. It is no secret that happier people are also more creative, better problem solvers and better communicators!

3. Daylight reduces the chances of eye strain and headaches

Today, nearly everywhere we turn our vision is hit with artificial lighting in some form or another and the harsh glare that results can lead to an increase in eye fatigue and headaches. Whether you’re working on your laptop or reading meeting notes, swap the florescent overhead lighting for a spot by a large, open window and you’ll notice a difference almost instantly.

4. Natural light increases levels of vitamin D

When we’re exposed to natural daylight, the skin absorbs vitamin D, which is a key nutrient that helps strengthen the immune system, keeps energy levels up, reduces the risk of heart disease and aids brain function, making individuals more productive, which is key in the workplace and at important meetings. According to the British Skin Foundation, daily sunlight exposure for 10-15 minutes between April and September provides sufficient year-round vitamin D.

All of our meeting spaces are swathed in natural daylight, making them the perfect spot for a productive get-together with your team. Find out more by emailing the team at

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