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Leading a successful and memorable business meeting isn’t always easy. It’s one thing to host a meeting that hits all of its objectives, and another one entirely to make sure colleagues actually enjoy it and get something out of it. Taking the time to make your meetings memorable will only benefit the wider success of the business as your team will leave feeling stimulated and inspired. Read on for 10 tips on how to make your meetings memorable.

The Ivory Suite Reception

1. Choose a different location

Hosting your meetings in the same old office space can get a little dull, and may leave your colleagues feeling uninspired and demotivated. This is never ideal, as it can hinder productivity levels and make it harder to achieve company objectives. When you plan your next meeting, why not consider a change of scene and take the office somewhere new? A new environment may encourage new ideas, and it will also be a meeting your colleagues will remember. Escape the stuffy office and meet in the great outdoors, the fresh air blowing new ideas and newfound motivation into the mix. We’ve got plenty of outdoor spaces at The Grove that are perfect for al fresco meetings. Or, have a look at our bright, spacious indoor meeting rooms that offer stunning garden views and come with outdoor access. We’ve got you covered.

2. Pick a time when everyone will be alert and productive

It makes sense to schedule your meeting for a time where you know your colleagues won’t be gazing glassy-eyed at the clock on the wall. Meet when the working day has just started and everyone is (supposedly) bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. We also suggest keeping the meeting short and sweet so that attention spans can be at their optimum throughout and colleagues find themselves feeling more awake and productive.

3. Start with a little fun

Before you get down to the nitty gritty business, begin the session with a fun ice-breaker game to lighten the mood and ensure the meeting continues in a positive direction. Perhaps encourage colleagues to take it in turns to talk about something that made them smile recently, or ask that everyone turns to their neighbour and gives them a compliment.

4. Offer delicious snacks and drinks

You can’t go too far wrong when it comes to offering food and drinks, and in the meeting room, particularly where tired colleagues are concerned, this will go down a treat. Provide a range of colourful and brain-boosting snacks and indulgent drinks to keep energy levels high and spirits up and not only will your colleagues engage better, but they will also find that they enjoy the meeting that little bit extra.

5. Provide a momento

We all love a freebie. Whether it’s a pen, a canvas tote bag or a branded notepad, giving out a little memento at your meetings will keep your colleagues happy. Why not host weekly competitions within the team to keep things fun and to encourage everyone to work together?

6. Invite a guest

Sometimes it can be beneficial to hear perspectives from someone impartial to the team. It can also be a great way of opening up discussions on topics not considered before, allowing the team to think differently. Moreover, inviting a special guest to the meeting will inevitably pique people’s interests as it changes the usual dynamic of the session and makes for a more interesting and memorable meeting.

7. Team-building time

Incorporating exciting team-building games into the meeting schedule and getting colleagues to interact on a creative level with each other is a sure way to boost productivity and the team-building skills necessary for workplace success. Combining work with play also ensures that the meeting isn’t dull and allows the team the time and space to have a bit of fun during the busy working day.

Team building activity

8. Make the meeting personal

Schedule time at the start of the meeting to allow colleagues the chance to express their feelings and discuss their thoughts since the previous session. Your team will appreciate being listened to and it will help open up the lines of communication, with the meeting room being established as a safe space to articulate thoughts and concerns.

9. Let’s get moving!

Encourage the team to their feet and get them moving around the workspace to indicate their responses to certain questions and ideas brought up in the discussion. Not only will this make the meeting more interesting, but movement will allow the team to stretch their legs and get them feeling re-energised and focused for the remainder of the session.

10. Allow for learning something new

As humans, we never stop learning. It’s important for our confidence and personal development (and it’s also nice to have a few new facts stored up our sleeves to whip out around the dinner table). Maybe get the team to take it in turns telling each other an interesting fact that they learnt recently and they’ll leave the meeting feeling that little bit wiser!

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