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Celine, Rowa, Christine and Joselita – welcome! Please can you share a little more about your careers as spa therapists? How long have you been in the industry and what do you enjoy most about the job?

Celine: I’ve been a spa therapist for 15 years and I moved here after working at a four-star hotel in the Philippines. What I enjoy most about the job is being able to meet new people and form connections. I work with people from all walks of life – from doctors to accountants.

Christine: I’ve also been a spa therapist for about 15 years and would agree that it’s the connections formed with clients that I enjoy the most.

Rowa: I qualified as a spa therapist two years ago in the Philippines and the thing that I love most about the job is helping clients feel good both physically and mentally through massage. The chance to travel is also great. Spa therapists can work anywhere!

Joselita: I’ve been a spa therapist for the past 17 years, having recently come from working at the Shangri-la Hotel in the Philippines. For me, I enjoy interacting with clients – they’re all so very different from each other. The best part of the job, however, is seeing them leave relaxed and with a smile on their face.

Joselita, spa therapist

All of you are the stars behind our new Signature massage – what makes this treatment different to the other offerings at Sequoia?

Christine: The most obvious difference is that the Signature massage features Thai massage techniques such as shiatsu. This is a unique offering in Britain so we’re excited to be introducing it.

What was the recruitment process like? How are you adjusting to life in a new country?

Joselita: It was a really smooth process for all of us – taking only a matter of months. Out of 100 applicants, only six of us were chosen. The team at The Grove have sponsored us to be here so that has helped a lot.

Celine: Moving to a new country was daunting, particularly as most of us had never left the country before and were supporting family members, but we’re all so grateful to have been given this opportunity. Ever since we arrived in autumn last year, everyone has been so welcoming.

Christine: I’d only ever seen London on the TV before, so being able to visit in person now is super exciting! We’ve all already been as a group.

Rowa: I felt a little homesick to begin with but it’s been really good having these ladies around as support. We’re all living together in a little house so we’ve become quite close, like family. I like to remind myself of how lucky I am to have been given this opportunity, and that I am helping to support my family back home.

Celine and Christine, spa therapists

What are you enjoying about working at The Grove so far?

Celine: I’m enjoying having time off! We all had Christmas off so spent it together which was lovely.

Rowa: There’s definitely more of a work-life balance in the UK which is not something we’re used to in the Philippines.

Christine: I love how friendly everyone is around the hotel!

Joselita: Yes, everyone has been really welcoming which has been nice.

Can you give us some tips on how to loosen tight muscles?

Celine: I would recommend stretching. Make a habit each day to spend five minutes working on the key limbs of your body. We also incorporate stretching into the Signature massage.

Christine: Keep an eye on your posture as well.

Rowa, spa therapist

And finally, when you’re not at work, how do you all like to spend your time?

Christine: We all enjoy travel so it’ll be good to explore some new places in England.

Rowa: I’m spending some of my spare time learning English.

Joselita: I enjoy watching movies and keeping fit, but when I’m not doing either of those things I like to cook and spend time with friends. We all tend to cook together when we’re at home. From chicken adobo to ginisang monggo.

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