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Sarah Mitten

Hi Sarah, can you explain what reflexology is and how it can benefit an individual?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy on either the hands or the feet and follows the principle that the body is mapped on these body parts. By stimulating or soothing these specific points (reflexes), it brings calm to the person and promotes wellbeing during and after the treatment. Whilst we cannot claim to diagnose or cure medical conditions, experience shows that reflexology may support bringing the body back to its own natural balance both physically and emotionally, even if you don’t have any medical conditions. It can be a great treatment to help with a variety of conditions, including stress, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, fertility issues, menopause and joint pain, just to name a few! To reap the full benefit of reflexology, I recommend clients have a course of the treatment, approximately once a week for 4-6 weeks.

How long have you been working in the industry?

I’ve been working in the beauty/wellness industry for 20 years, having trained at Champneys International College of Health and Beauty before starting my career as a spa therapist at The Grove back when it opened in 2003. Since then, I have worked at several other luxury hotels and spas, obtaining various qualifications along the way, including a Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology, Level 1 Reiki, aromatherapy massage, Indian head massage, Ayurvedic-influence treatments and hot stone massage. I really enjoy learning new things so I am always looking to expand my knowledge on complementary therapies. I now have my own reflexology and complementary therapies company – The Healing Edge.

What first drew you into practising complementary therapies? What do you enjoy most about it?

I’ve always had a keen interest in health and wellbeing, and throughout my early career as a spa therapist I became more and more intrigued by complementary therapies and how it can enhance and change the lives of individuals for the better. With a holistic therapy such as reflexology, the focus is on wellbeing as a whole, understanding that different parts of the body, although with their own specific functions, are all linked and can influence each other. Taking this holistic approach to wellness is something that I am a great believer in, so being able to offer complementary therapies is wonderful.

What I enjoy most about my job is meeting new people, learning how their body works and being able to help them manage their medical conditions accordingly through reflexology.


Aside from reflexology, what other complementary therapies would you recommend to clients? If someone was struggling with anxiety, for example.

Reiki would be my recommendation. It’s a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and helps to create balance and harmony in the body’s energy fields.

We’ve entered the New Year – a time where we really start to feel those winter blues. What do you do to keep your mental health in check? Can you share any tips?

I don’t wait for January and the ‘winter blues’ to make positive lifestyle changes for my mental health. I’m an advocate for self-care and wellness all year round. For me, my mental health is boosted by keeping active, so going to the gym, practising yoga and getting outdoors, even if it’s only for 10 minutes a day. I’m also my happiest when I am spending time with loved ones and doing things that I enjoy.

My advice for feeling good is firstly not to compare yourself to others – you are beautiful and unique in your own way and that is what makes you special. Secondly, doing a good deed each day can help boost your self-worth and sense of purpose, knowing you have left a positive impact on someone else. It’s a win-win situation – you’re making that individual happy and as a result, yourself.

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