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Our Gardens Supervisor, Abby Evans designed Jemima’s Kitchen Garden and mapped out its permaculture ethos. Together with the Gardens team, she has transformed this corner of the Walled Garden.

As well as looking wildly beautiful, it provides endless homegrown fruit, veg and herbs for our chefs, ensuring we grow as much of our own produce as possible. It’s made up of four quadrants including an amphitheatre sitting area for guests, trailing hops for our beer and an apiary with honey bee hives in our nursery to help with pollination. Strawberry grape vines are being trained up the trellis and acers provide shade for the ponds in copper baths, each teeming with edible water produce that can be changed seasonally and provide a home for dragonflies and frogs for controlling pests.

Take a look at our gallery of photos and be blown away.

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