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Experience a whole new way to practice at The Grove with Trackman Range, a revolutionary ball-tracking solution.

We are delighted to introduce Trackman Range to our driving range! Instead of aimlessly hitting balls before your round, this tour-proven technology allows you to practice with feedback as you receive 8 actionable data reports from each shot, which you can use to improve your game. It’s a data-driven experience that makes practice feel like a game.

How does it work?

Multiple radars will be placed around our driving range that tracks the flight of every ball. This automatically identifies from which bay the ball has been hit and sends the data straight back to the  Trackman Range app on your mobile phone.

What Trackman Range tracks?

You’ll be sent stats on the following, so you can improve any aspect of your game.

How to use Trackman Range

Download the app ahead of your visit and enjoy the power of TrackMan technology during your Range session.

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Or, simply scan to download the app:

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