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The RHS Tatton Park Flower Show was a blooming success, with Emma Tipping, our Formal Gardens Supervisor, winning a Silver Medal in the Young Designer Competition for her ‘Come Lime With Me’ garden. Take a look at the garden below.


Come Lime With Me

As you wander around the garden, attention is immediately drawn to the bright, colourful plants and flowers that create a lively and cheerful atmosphere to relax with friends.

RHS Flower Show

Vibrant and colourful flora is used to liven up the garden.

Tatton Flower Show garden

Emma’s garden design was inspired by the Guyanese-Caribbean culture of ‘liming’, which involves hanging out with friends and family, sharing food, drink, conversation and laughter. This looks like the perfect spot for doing just that!

Come Lime With Me garden

Another key message behind Emma’s design is the pressing issue of sea-level rise – a real concern for both the Guyanese and British coastlines. Water is a key feature of the landscapes of both countries (Guyana means ‘land of many waters’) and is integrated into the design through three water troughs, which have been built and filled to different heights to reflect sea-level rise. The main structure is a large seating bench designed to mimic Guyana’s Sea Wall, a 280-mile-long coastal defence, parts of which are where locals go to ‘lime’ on a Saturday night.

Emma Tipping

Emma Tipping, our wonderful silver medal finalist.


To see more of Emma’s amazing work, take a stroll around the Formal Gardens when you next visit.

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