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Making your own wreath is a wonderfully festive activity and the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit. Our Head Gardener, Natasha Geldenhuys, has shared her beginner’s guide on how to make your own. She previously created The Grove’s Christmas wreaths when she worked for McQueen’s Florists, so she knows a thing or two about the art of wreath-making!

So, get into the Christmas spirit and kick off December with a homemade wreath to hang proudly on your front door.


Step one: Gather your materials

How to make a wreath | The Grove

You will need:

Top tip

Ahead of making your wreath, pre-cut all your foliage to a similar length (between 20cm – 30cm) so that everything is prepared when you get to the assembly stage.


Step two: Attach the moss

How to make a wreath | The Grove

This will form the base of your wreath. Attach the floristry wire by looping it around the wreath ring and twisting it until it’s secure. Take handfuls of moss, mould them into sausage shapes and place them on the ring one at a time, winding the wire around it in one direction as you go. Be generous with the moss – your ring should look nice and full by the time you’ve finished.

Once the ring is full, cut the wire and secure it by twisting it around the wreath ring.


Step three: Create a loop to hang the wreath

How to make a wreath | The Grove

It’s very important to do this before you add your foliage, otherwise it will be tricky.

Cut a section of wire and use this to create a loop. Attach it by feeding it through the ring and twisting it until it’s secure. You could also choose to use ribbon or string, depending on the look you are going for.


Step four: Add your foliage

How to make a wreath | The Grove

Now your base is ready, it’s time to add the detail. Reattach your wire and begin adding the foliage. Take one piece at a time, and tightly wind the wire around it as you did with the moss. Alternating the foliage, continue to add pieces until you have filled out the whole ring.

Once you reach the end, you will have a section that looks a little bare. You can cover this up by filling it with a bow, pinecones or more foliage.

Top tip

If you are using standout focal items (e.g. pinecones or big flowers), I always suggest doing this in odd numbers to make it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

How to make a wreath | The Grove

The weeks leading up to Christmas Day are always the most magical. Join us for a relaxing pre-Christmas escape to the country.

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