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Amaelia and Ranjna

Hi both, can you share a little more about your roles and what a typical day at work looks like for you?

Amaelia: As a Social Event Sales Manager my role is to help ensure that the right event is booked for the client. We get a real mix of events happening here, from bridal showers and weddings to 50th birthday celebrations and wakes. The vast majority of requests are for weddings.

Ranjna: I began my career in wedding planning and was doing that for 20 years before I joined the team at The Grove nearly a decade ago. I now oversee the planning for all of our social events, build a close and trusting relationship with clients and ultimately help them plan their dream event. I’m usually there on the day to make sure everything is as it should be and that nothing is out of place. Particularly with weddings, I like to be there just as the bride and groom arrive to see their reaction to the event space. It is such a joy to see their eyes light up because you know you have been part of creating that special moment for them. As Senior Planning Manager it is also my responsibility to add to our list of suppliers, so much of my time is spent researching and connecting with up-and-coming businesses to see how we can work together so our clients are always working with a great team from start to finish.

What kind of events do you enjoy planning?

Ranjna: I honestly enjoy them all. I love the diversity of requests we get through. But as my background is in weddings it would only make sense for me to say wedding planning is my favourite. No two weddings are ever the same here. We plan Jewish weddings, Greek weddings and Indian weddings, just to name a few.

Amaelia: Although I am not the main planner for the events that take place at The Grove, I am the first point of contact and have a small input in the initial planning stage with all of the social bookings. My favourite events to be involved in are weddings, but it is nice to see large groups getting together in general to celebrate any occasion, especially after the pandemic.

Stephanie and Nicole Photography

Perry’s (Credit: Stephanie and Nicole Photography)

How do you work with suppliers?

Ranjna: In order to make the event even more of a five-star experience, we will often join forces with our suppliers who have specific expertise and services that they can share with us. Before anything else, we need to make sure that our suppliers share our company values, as ultimately, we want them to be an extension of our brand. When we hold planning sessions internally, we will research ideal suppliers and then reach out to see if they want to work together.

With weddings, and particularly weddings of a different culture, we will work with selected suppliers who understand the culture in question. For example, for Greek weddings, we work with Perry’s, a wonderful Greek family-run wedding planning company who have been in business for over sixty years. We’ve been working alongside them for over a decade now. For bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and Jewish weddings, we have six different kosher caterers including the brilliant Philip Small, where Executive Chef, Philippe Sabla leads a team of master chefs. Also on our list are Arieh Wagner, Ben Tenenblat, James A. Zimmer, Jason Millan and Tony Page.

Kosher wedding catered by Philip Small

Are any of your suppliers local?

Amaelia: Yes, we have several local suppliers. Amie Bone Flowers, who provides some stunning bouquets and floral installations for our events, is based in Watford. Amie and her team are incredibly creative and have helped to create some real fairy-tale weddings at The Grove.

Amie Bone Flowers

Amie Bone Flowers

Are there any stand-out events that have happened at The Grove?

Ranjna: If you want your event to be a five-star theatrical performance then look no further than enlisting the help of Uptown Events, one of our top event company suppliers. They worked with us on a week-long wedding celebration which included several wedding rehearsals, dance rehearsals and cocktail masterclasses, all before the actual wedding day itself, which was unbelievable. They helped us put on an impressive show.

Uptown Events

Why should people host an event at The Grove?

Amaelia: There are endless reasons. First and foremost, if you are looking to have your wedding here, we offer outdoor civil and religious ceremonies in stunning surroundings. This is pretty unique for a venue near London. We’re also dog-friendly, so four-legged friends can be part of your special day. We once helped to create a ‘bark’ mitzvah for some clients! But ultimately, our dedicated team of event planners are why you should host your special occasions at The Grove. They’ll be with you from start to finish, ensuring the process is easy, enjoyable, personalised and most importantly, stress-free!

Can you share your top planning tips?

Ranjna: I always love sharing the tips and tricks that I have learned over the years  with my wedding couples and it is amazing when you see everything come together with all the meticulous detailing that goes into planning a wedding. Firstly, enjoy the planning process. Try not to compare your event to others’ – make it your own and don’t force the ideas. Trust your gut and don’t stress over having a theme. Work out a table plan and draft up a timeline for the planning process – it will help you feel organised. Another important thing is communication. If you decide to work with a supplier of your own choosing, let us know and we can connect with them to ensure our plans are aligned and that your event goes smoothly.

Amaelia: If you’re in need of some inspiration for your event, check out Pinterest or Instagram. These apps are always a great place to start, from dresses and flowers, to decorations and detailing for invitations.

For more information on hosting a social event at The Grove, call 01923 296059 or fill out our enquiry form.

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