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Elliot Brown

Hi Elliot, can you tell us a little more about your role and what a typical day looks like?

As Resort Sales Manager, my job is to support people and businesses unlock what is possible at The Grove. The resort has so much to offer, from meetings and events, to golf, dining, activities and more. I consult with businesses who are interested in the idea of hosting a gathering at The Grove but perhaps do not know how to tie it all together for example, how to incorporate golf and activities into their meeting itinerary. Having the experience of working in the golf and meeting and event departments, I have valuable insights into what has worked for clients previously whilst being able to come up with creative ideas based on a client’s brief or objective.

My day-to-day is quite varied – I can be visiting client offices to plan the year ahead, hosting site visits or familiarisation trips for those new to The Grove or telling The Grove’s story on LinkedIn.

What do you find ‘wows’ clients to make them book The Grove as a venue?

The fact that we have natural daylight in every meeting and event space is a big benefit. Our event spaces, Amber, Cedar and Ivory all benefit from their own foyer areas, their own entrances and their own bars. The Amber and Ivory suites also have the ability to be divided into separate rooms in case you wished to create syndicate spaces within your private space.

Aside from our event spaces, we have fantastic, newly-refurbished leisure facilities including an award-winning spa and championship golf course. We also have multiple different restaurants on-site which are perfect for occasions of all kinds – so there are many things to be ‘wowed’ by!

Cedar Suite

What is the most important lesson you have learnt as Resort Sales Manager?

My most important lesson was when I realised that my job was to work on behalf of the client – to help them get the most out of The Grove. Despite my job title, I feel quite passionate that my role is not to sell. At The Grove, we facilitate many life-changing conversations – we just don’t know that they’re life-changing yet – and I engage with businesses that are innovative, ambitious and courageous to support them to achieve their commercial and operational goals.

British flag on golf course

What is your favourite spot at The Grove?

Can I have two?! As a golfer, standing on the 17th tee on a summer’s evening looking over towards the canal with the 2nd green, 9th tee, 8th green, 3rd green and 4th hole all in eyesight provides a special perspective into how Kyle Phillips designed the golf course, weaving it into The Grove’s original grounds. My other favourite spot is in the Formal Gardens, looking out over the golf course with a view of the winding driveway, with the Mansion standing proudly behind you and the sunlight making the water in the pond sparkle. It’s a scene that will become even more beautiful when Feast on Cloud 9 returns this summer with its striking red and white hot-air balloons set along each side of the pond.

Feast on Cloud 9

The Grove has played host to all manner of stars, but who is your favourite influential person?

Perhaps a bit of recency-bias based on recent announcements but, as a Liverpool FC fan, I’m a big admirer of Jurgen Klopp. I think he’s a passionate and generous leader with an exceptional skill to motivate a team, a club and a fanbase and normalises high-performance. Jurgen and his family have an open invitation to The Grove and, if he ever wished to get back into management, The Grove has an energised group who partake in a weekly football roll-up that would welcome his expertise!

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