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Jasmine has worked in the world of wellness for 10 years. Celebrating her love and fascination of the human body, her approach combines ideologies from yoga, reiki and somatics. Jasmine works with movement to shift through the physical tension and restriction in the tissues, breath work to shed the emotional layers stored in the body, and sound therapy to delve into the subconscious and energetic layers.

During each masterclass, Jasmine will guide you on a journey to activate, shift and release feelings, thoughts, and ideas that we would otherwise repress with the use of the breath. While the body lies passive, this breath is active, and you will be taken through varying speeds and depths before the therapeutic sound comes in to soothe. This sound becomes a sensory thread to follow as the vibrations are absorbed by the body, altering the brain wave state and relaxing the thinking mind. This journey is deeply healing for the nervous system and will allow you to connect with your true self. Jasmine hopes to help you reconnect with yourself and for you to be reminded of your own infinite healing potential.

When you book the Spa Escape or Signature Sequoia Escape package on selected dates, you can enjoy one of the following complimentary wellness masterclasses with Jasmine:

Sound Healing Masterclass on 3 August 2023

Candlelit Yin Yoga on 2 December 2023

Book one of the spa packages below on selected dates and enjoy a complimentary wellness masterclass with Jasmine

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