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Get planning

Unless you have a brilliant PA, we suggest using planning apps such as Wunderlist to help you get organised. Every time you think of something that needs to be planned or bought, simply add it to your list. You can set reminders, share it with your partner, sibling or parent and even show who’s responsible. Knowing that nothing will be forgotten will help you sleep at night. Best of all is the satisfaction of ticking things off the list!

Wrap as you go

Reduce the workload on Christmas Eve – every time you buy a gift, wrap it up. You can save even more time by keeping a separate shopping bag for each person, so you can pop the wrapped present straight in. Keep a smaller bag within each bag for Christmas stocking fillers.

Keep it simple

When you’re under time pressure, buy online. And if you can’t think what to get, a voucher will always be welcomed (we have a range of exciting gift experiences to suit everyone). The biggest message here is: let go of perfection. Let’s not make things more difficult or time-consuming for ourselves than we need to. When you feel under pressure, ask yourself: is there an easier way to do this? There always is.

Lay the table in advance

Three or four days before Christmas, lay the dining table (you can thank us later!). To make it less stressful, delegate to other members of the family in your household! Most kids enjoy helping and being part of the preparation.

Slow down and savour the moment

Take a break from all the planning and get a breath of fresh air. Whether it’s 30 minutes or a few hours, step out and appreciate the nature around you, basking in the company of your loved ones. And most importantly, enjoy yourself!

For an easy, stress-free Christmas, join us at The Grove and let us do all the hard work for you.

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