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Demi Pendakis is the founder and owner of natural skincare and candle brand F.Y.G (Find Your Glow), whose products are available to purchase from Sequoia Spa. Here, we tell the inspiring story behind the scents.

Demi Pendakis, Founder of FYG

Having grown up in a world surrounded by fashion, design and style, with his father owning a successful fashion business, it was a logical step for Demi to launch his own career in the fashion and style industry, and F.Y.G. became the natural extension of this passion.

Established during the lockdown, F.Y.G was created to encapsulate Demi’s love for stylish, affordable and sustainable design. But for Demi, it was important that he didn’t just produce another scented product, but to instead design a unique and immersive experience. So, taking inspiration from the many happy memories of childhood family holidays in Greece, Demi created a range of soaps, oils, diffusers and candles, with each scent evoking a special feeling or memory from the past.

FYG Memories Candles

When you visit the Sequoia Spa, you’ll see that the candles from the F.Y.G Memories range are on display. We recommend the Caribbean Waters candle – a citrus cocktail of lime, lemon and bergamot, paired with creamy tropical coconut with base notes of amber, musk and patchouli. Simply close your eyes, inhale deeply and you’ll be whisked away to the white sands of the Caribbean.

For something a little more seasonal now we’re heading into the colder months, the Starry Starry Night candle infuses a delicious mix of sweet cinnamon, citrus and vanilla spice with notes of smoky wood and musk. Demi was inspired to create this scent when reminiscing over his travels in Bali and the breath-taking, star-lit night sky.

FYG Memories Reed Diffuser

For those of you who are conscious about supporting local businesses whose mission is to be more sustainable and use naturally-sourced ingredients, F.Y.G. should definitely be on your radar. All candles are 100% recyclable and natural, using the wax from coconuts and rapeseed, and each product sports a stylish, modern design in order to fit in and subtly enhance any living space. Additionally, with every candle purchased, a tree is planted. So far there have been over 10,000 trees sown! A percentage of the profits are given to a local charity in Hertfordshire called The Oli Leigh Trust – a group committed to help prevent teenage suicides and self-harm.

F.Y.G. also recently won ‘Home Fragrance of the Year’ at The Gift Awards 2022.

Awards Ceremony

Visit Sequoia Spa to pick up an F.Y.G candle of your own, or browse their website for more.


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