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Owen, Playskill

Owen is nearly three and has been attending Playskill for almost two years. His NHS physiotherapist recommended I get in touch with Playskill when I asked what other support was available locally. At that time we were just confirming Owen’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy so things felt very uncertain.


Owen and his twin brother were born extremely prematurely and we’d always been told they would catch up in time. But after they’d been home from hospital a few months it became clear that Jamie was starting to meet his milestones but Owen was still not able to sit up, wasn’t really crawling and rarely used his right arm. We still don’t know what the future will look like and whether he’ll walk on his own at all, but we’re putting the support in place for him to have a happy life regardless and Playskill has been a big part of that.


Outside of Playskill, Owen has NHS physio and occupational therapy sessions. We have also done some private physiotherapy but it is very difficult to find adults that Owen trusts and builds a rapport with. At Playskill the team are endlessly patient and reassuring with him and he is now confident in sessions with the people he knows. This building of confidence is a huge thing for Owen – it’s hard for him to engage when playing with his peers in a lot of settings as he can’t run around with them, but Playskill gives him a chance to interact with other children.

Owen, Playskill

As a parent, coming to Playskill every week is a lifeline. It’s very hard to find activities suitable for twins with very different physical abilities and I love that both boys are welcomed in the sessions. It’s helped me build a network of friendly parents facing similar challenges, and being able to talk to them over coffee while the kids carry on with the session has given me access to lots of information that I didn’t know I was missing. The parent advisers have also given me some really helpful support through the process of getting Owen’s EHCP – I don’t know how I would have navigated it on my own.

Playskill is an amazing resource that we are so lucky to have. The therapists and volunteers get excited with us about things that others wouldn’t understand, like Owen learning to open a container or do up a zip! It’s so encouraging to have this community cheering us on.

To find out more about Playskill, please click here, and do share with anyone you know who may benefit from their services. You can show your support for Playskill’s amazing work by opting for a ‘side of generosity’ when dining at The Stables.

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