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We are delighted to welcome Cindy to the team as our Social Media and Content Executive. With a new hotel TikTok account and much more to come, read on to find out what makes her tick…



Welcome to the team, Cindy! What is it that you love most about social media?

I like how it has become a search engine where you can find quick solutions or recommendations on absolutely anything.  I use it for everything – whether it’s searching for a recipe, a new holiday destination or restaurants to eat at at the weekend. I also love the ability and freedom to be creative and inspire others.

What inspires the content you post at work?

For me, it’s the stunning surroundings of The Grove and the atmosphere within the hotel. There are endless creative opportunities here.

What is your favourite kind of content to capture?

I enjoy capturing snapshots of events – it’s a little less planned and touches on real human experiences which are relatable. Because of this, these pictures tend to do really well on socials. I also love food shoots (and that definitely has nothing to do with being able to eat the dishes afterwards!).

What’s the most Instagrammable spot at The Grove?

It’s hard to pick just one as The Grove is beautiful. But if I had to choose, I would say the Formal Gardens – I love nature and the water fountains are gorgeous. The artwork and quirky sculptures dotted around the garden also make for great pictures.

The Grove

TikTok or Instagram – which platform couldn’t you live without?

That’s a very difficult question but I think I’d have to pick TikTok. Although I love both, I get bored easily on Instagram but could spend hours on TikTok!

What plans do you have for The Grove’s social media? What can our audience expect more of?

More reels on Instagram! As Instagram moves forward to favouring short video content we will definitely be exploring that as much as we can.  Reels are also a great way to bring everything to life and showcase The Grove for the stunning country estate that it is. We have also recently started a TikTok account so we will be diving into creating as much content for that as possible.

What does a typical day look like for you at work?

I usually start work at 9am and the first thing I like to do is read through and reply to any emails that have come in the night before. This allows me to create a ‘to do’ list of anything urgent I might need to do and plan ahead for the week.

I then like to go through all of the social accounts and reply to any new comments, DMs and repost any nice content from guests on our stories. From this, I will check the content calendar for the day and make sure everything that is due to go up has been scheduled.

I will then start working through my ‘to do’ list – this may involve things such as shooting content for upcoming posts, editing videos and images, creating mood boards and ideas for upcoming shoots, making sure all of our content is up-to-date on third party sites and writing copy for upcoming posts.

Golf course at The Grove

You enjoy photography – do you have any top tips for posting pictures on social media?

Make sure you have good lighting – if the sun is behind you or directly above it’ll create shadows that can ruin your pics.

If you want to take a candid photo or one of a moving subject, I would use the burst option on your phone – this will take loads of frames within one shot that you can pick from later.

Whose social media profile do you spend the most time looking at and engaging with?

Thefoodbaddie on TikTok – I love her content and how she explores different editing styles. She also offers great recommendations of things to do in the area.

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