Our new Technogym Equipment


When beginning any fitness journey you need a starting point; plus the ability to measure progress. Our new state of the art gym equipment has been introduced into Sequoia to help you achieve exactly that. Alongside this, we want to make cycling classes more than just riding a stationary bike, and have added variety and visualisation to the classes, to make your workout more fun. A motivating group setting, energising music and highly-skilled inspiring instructors make group cycling an incredible experience. 

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Techno Gym






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A unique design with awesome feeling and technology to enable riders to be in the front line of the action.

We have installed our modern virtual group cycling class with routes including The Alps and North America in our exercise studio. 

The ability to work at your own pace means everyone can get the best out of the session regardless of how fit, flexible or coordinated they are.

Work out intensity is varied throughout the class by changing body position, pedal speed, and resistance when instructed to do so by the instructor. The music is used to motivate you to keep your energy up and push yourself to the max. Group cycling classes can burn up to 900 calories over a 75-minute workout!

To make the most out of the group cycling experience we have also purchased 20 brand new bikes that synchronise with our virtual technology to really immerse you in the class. With a user friendly monitor which includes: heart rate, cadence, gears, watts, moves, kilometres and calories burned. 


Group Cycle 2


Track all of your workouts, whether it be here, or at home. If you want to track swimming, fitness classes, or generally out and about workouts, it has the functionality to capture it all in one place.

With this information, we can fine-tune your fitness programmes to adapt to your lifestyle, weekly routines, and exercise goals. 

The app takes your results from your body analysis (Tanita) and sets you weekly goals for you to achieve with regular updates on how you are progressing, so you have all your fitness information in one area.

You can access the app via your smart phone, or on one of the two pedestals that we have in Sequoia.

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The big interactive screen allows a Group Cycle class to follow different options throughout the class.

They can either pulse through different terrains and landscapes, encouraging mountain climbing or speed running through visual cues whilst measuring progress.

Alternatively the trainer can set group goals on the screen, so the group need to achieve a team goal of 50 miles within the set time period. A great addition and a definite motivation to get those legs pumping.

Tanita Scales


The Tanita scales use the very latest technology to record a range of measurements in just 20 seconds, from segmental fat and muscle mass to metabolic rate, visceral fat levels, phase angle and intra/extra cellular body water.

It uses BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology, which sends a safe, low-level electrical signal from footplate and hand electrodes through the body. BIA is quick and non-invasive, and one of the most thorough and reliable ways to measure body composition.

A true indicator of your inner health, and the impact of any fitness regime or weight loss programme. All results are shown on an easy-to-read, extra-large LCD display console. A body composition analysis will provide a base to start from and each subsequent reading can be used for long term assessments and progress reports.

It demonstrates the importance of looking beyond BMI or weight only that cannot show changes in body composition as muscle increases and fat decreases.



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