• Personal Training in Sequoia at The Grove

How can we help?

Meet our friendly personal trainers

Our professional team is here to help you achieve your goals. Whether it is a light work-out programme, weight loss or body toning that you are working towards, we can help develop a programme for your needs.

So who can help you with what?

For advice and help from a Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer why not ask for Kerry who specialises in triathlon and running training, Mark who can focus on bodybuilding and power lifting. Paul can help in advising on fat burning and toning, Jason specialises in functional corrective exercise or Ben who will advise and motivate those who are just starting out in exercise. 

Our Studio Co-ordinator is Sophie, who loves helping people work for great results and can help offer advice on any of our studio classes. With so many Personal Trainers, you'll never be short of someone to give you advice and guidance.

Personal Training sessions are priced at £45 per hour.

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