• Vice Presidential Suite, The Grove Hertfordshire

Vice presidential suites

A decadent state...

Our Vice-Presidential luxury suites all have open fireplaces, beautiful lounges, two plasma screen TVs, tables for private dining, stunning bedrooms, palatial bathrooms and exceptional views. Each has a unique atmosphere and layout.

Luxury Suite 24

Palatial lofty ceilings and a dramatic elegant style. Huge Icarus-like sunrays emanate from a mirror. The bedroom is breathtaking; a vast black modern art canvas is redolent of a Renaissance master bedroom. A 42" plasma TV rises out of the foot of the bed. Simply gorgeous.

Luxury Suite 45

Tucked away in the eaves, this suite is the epitome of decadence. The bedroom is dominated by a four-poster, topped with ostrich feathers. There's a delightful bay-window bathroom. Slip into the roll-top bath, surrounded by opulent velvet curtains. Stretch out across the curved sofa in the lounge and be mesmerised by dramatic views.

Luxury Suite 46

Bright and atmospheric with stunning views. A softly golden lamp stand is reminiscent of branches. 47 interpretations of wood form yet another piece of original art, and there's the four-poster bed, all airy, beautiful and divine.

Each Vice-Presidential Suite covers approximately 65m2. Our rates are subject to change without prior notice. . Cancellations must take place 48 hours before arrival. Please note that we will do our very best to give you the Vice-Presidential suite you prefer, but we can't guarantee this.

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