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Rhys Carter | Physiotherapist Profile | The Grove Hotel
Tue 15 Oct
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Carter & George will be in clinic at The Grove on Tuesday from 4pm – 8pm.

Rhys Carter


Rhys has a diverse background in the physiotherapy field, but specialises in chronic back and neck pain and sports injuries. His caseload varies between sports injuries, spinal pain, complex chronic pain and degenerative tendon and joint conditions.

Rhys often receives referrals for second opinions. Rhys uses a variety of techniques such as joint manipulation, manual therapy, myofascial release and electrotherapy, alongside advance practice skills such as diagnostic ultrasound scanning, IMS (intra-muscular stimulation) needling and shockwave therapy. Rhys also makes use of his qualification as a Functional Movement Specialist and Sports Performance Therapist with both athletes and the general public. His focus is always on the underlying cause of pain, and never the temporary relief of symptoms. He has worked successfully with a variety of professional and amateur athletes from a range of sports disciplines.

Carter & George will be in Clinic at The Grove on Tuesday’s between 4pm and 8pm. 

Physiotherapy | 30 minutes | From £55

At every first consultation, you can expect an accurate diagnosis. Knowledge is
power. If you know why you are in pain, that is half the journey to recovery.
Patients will always be told an estimated length of recovery. We want to create a trusting environment where patients know the exact plan to get them better. Whether it is one session
Or 6, the patient will always be given an estimation of how long it will take to get better. All patients will be given a rehab programme to ensure the problem they first came in with, doesn’t reoccur again. This is essential for long term health and function

Injury Screening | 30 minutes | From £55

Our injury screening and prehabilitation service aims to reduce the risk of injury by addressing areas of weakness, lack of flexibility, imbalances, training patterns or altered functional movement. It is common practice among professional sports teams during their preseason training, but can be equally helpful to the average population.
In the session, we will assess each joint range of movement, isolated and combined muscle strength, your current training regime and any changes in functional movement patterns you may have. We then show you an exercise program that can help minimize this risk to help you continue training and minimizing injury risk.
It can be useful for those who have recurrent injuries, those beginning a new training program, those who are in preseason training and those who want to maximize the efficient use of their body. It is equally useful for those who are awaiting orthopaedic surgery and want to minimize the post-operative recovery time.

Running Analysis | 30 minutes | From £55

In England, 2.5 million people are actively involved in running every week. This makes it one of the most participated sports in the country.
We see numerous running injuries including Achilles tendonitis, runners knee, ITB syndrome, lower back pain and heel/foot pain. The main cause of this is a poor understanding of load management, poor technique, footwear and lack of strength/conditioning.
We aim with our runners to offer a full assessment of your running technique, using slow motion video analysis on the treadmill, and to give advice on technique improvements, strengthening and load management strategies. We always aim to keep you running if possible, even through injury.

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Rhys Carter | Physiotherapist Profile | The Grove Hotel