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 peg drill


Tee Peg Drill

This drill will help you to develop the
correct angle of attack in to the ball
and allow you to keep the low point
of your swing target side of the ball.  

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stalk chip


Stalk Chip

This shot is designed to help those
of you that struggle to chip the ball
well. It really helps to maintain a good
positive contact with the ball.

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stay centered


Stay Centred

This tip will help you to develop solid
striking of the ball and give you a
more consistent impact position.      

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swing step


Swing step

This drill will help you to shift your body
weight correctly through into your lead leg
and help you to adopt the correct finish
position along with good sequencing
on the downswing.      

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stick drill


Stick Drill

This drill will help you to develop the ability 
to swing the golf club back on plane and allow
you to develop a more consistent backswing
to create an efficient strike of the ball.

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Toe touch


Toe Touch Test

If you can touch your toes keeping your 
legs straight, then you have the potential 
to maintain your dynamic posture. This test
will let you see your potential. Give it a try.              

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Spot release


Spot release

This is a great drill to help those of you
who slice the ball. Give it a try and you
may be drawing the ball sooner than
you think.             

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single leg


Single Leg

This test will determine how good your
balance is and it's a test of what we call
proprioception or feel balance.
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putting drill 1


Putting Drill 1

Now that you know which eye is your dominant
eye why not book a vision screening and learn
even more about the importance of how we
see the world and how it affects your game.

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putting drill 2


Putting Drill 2

Now you are aware of how important striking
a putt correctly is why not book a Sam Puttlab
lesson and find out even more about your
stroke with the aid of the latest in biofeedback
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It is essential that if you wish to play good
golf that you have a reliable pre-shot routine
that is consistent. Give this one a try and I
believe your golf will improve.              

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deep squat


Deep Squat test

This test evaluates the flexibility and 
mobility in the lower and upper body 
and is a great indicator as to how easy 
it will be for a player to maintain there 
dynamic posture throughout the golf swing.    

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