Golf Instruction Performance Programmes


Our Golf Performance DNA profile will allow each individual to understand their own unique swing DNA. Most golfers are spending hours of wasted time grooving a swing that they don't know how to use effectively.

By understanding your own unique style of swing we can build your DNA profile so that you can maximise your potential. By way of some basic postural and swing dynamics assessment you will quickly build your profile and understand the way you were made to swing a golf club.

At the end of this session we feel that you will have a much better overall understanding of how to make your optimum swing to help you to deliver the consistency that most golfers crave.

Golf Perfomance DNA Profile | £95 per 1 hr session

Here are the details of each golf performance programme

Driving Range Screening | 1 - 1½ hrs

This session involves up to 12 physical tests performed on the driving range along with a video analysis of your swing to connect your physical limitations to the function of your golf swing.

Sam Putt Lab Evaluation | 1 hr

This session allows us to look at 28 different aspects of your putting stroke, most of which are invisible to the naked eye. At the end of your session you will be given a practice regime to assist your putting stroke plus a recommendation on which type of putter best suits your stroke.

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