• Dave Pelz at The Grove
  • Dave Pelz at The Grove
  • Dave Pelz at The Grove

Dave Pelz at The Grove

The Grove is proud to host a number of Dave Pelz schools during 2017

Dave Pelz has dedicated the past 35 years to studying the game, revealing better ways for golfers to practice and play, and coaching some of the best players in the world on their short game and putting. Ten of Pelz's professional students, including current star-pupil Phil Mickelson, have won a total of 19 majors. His namesake golf schools brings Pelz's proven golf instruction to players of every skill level.

The 3-Day Scoring Game School is the premier Dave Pelz-designed golf instruction experience. Incorporating video, feedback devices and the latest Pelz research, these innovative golf schools are designed to help golfers play all the shots on and around the green with confidence and consistency.

Much more than a simple "golf lesson", these 3-day golf schools are the most effective and permanent way to lower your handicap.

With one day of expert Pelz golf instruction, you will learn a lifetime of Scoring Skills. More than a golf lesson, Dave Pelz Scoring Game Clinics teach you to improve your pitching, chipping, putting and sand play skills in a fun, six-hour format.


  • 18 August | Clinic
  • 8-10 September | 3 Day School
  • 16 September | 3 Day School
  • 23 September | Clinic

To book your place or for more information please call Dave Pelz Golf on +353 1 689 3030 or visit www.pelzgolf.com

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