The Formal Gardens

Nestled within our 300 acres of beautiful countryside, our Formal Gardens are located near to the hotel grounds, and are there for you to enjoy and explore at your own leisure. From Rose Garden beds, to contemporary art, to a relaxing water feature overlooking our championship golf course, there is something fascinating to view in every corner. 


The Gardens: A Self-Guided Tour from our Head Gardener David Roberts

  • Vista Garden
  • Garden Room
  • Cedar Suite
  • Rose Gardens
  • Water Feature
  • The ‘Vista Garden’ has been introduced to The Formal Gardens, after Box Blight infected our Parterre Garden in 2014, then removed in 2015. This New area of The Formal Gardens Draws high lights from most of the borders in the garden, using the colours and perennial plants, to create the feel of a meadow. This will give another wow factor in the coming years, attracting Guest, Birds, Bees, Butterflies and other creatures.

    Plant list:

    Verbena Bonaiensis
    Knautia ‘Red Knight’
    Salvia ‘Black and Blue’
    Geum ‘Mrs J. Bradshaw’
    Digitalis ‘ Milk Chocolate’
    Angelica sylvestris
    Erygium ‘Planum’
    Veronica ‘Georgia blue’



    Formal Garden 3

  • The Garden Room Borders

    This is a lovely part of the Garden where you can see through the Garden right through out on to the Estate. The Borders here tend to be A tutti fruity colour way, mixing oranges, pinks & Deep burgundy Red. 

    Formal Gardens 1 Formal Gardens 2


    Our Planting within this border can change slightly from year to year, Please see our Border Plants List Below:

    Epimedium warleyense ‘orangekonigen’
    Magnolia Grandifora ‘Exmouth’
    Peony ‘Karl Rosenfield’
    Hemerocallis ‘Chief Sarcoxle’
    Hemerocallis ‘Windsor Tan’
    Aeonium arboreum Schwarzkopff
    Ajuga reptans ‘Black Scallop’
    Alchemilla mollis
    Buxus sempervirens
    Campanula latiloba ‘Hidcote Amethyst’
    Cornus alba Sibirica

    Cotinus coggygria ‘Golden Spirit’
    Dahlia ‘Karma Choc’
    Elder sambucus ‘nigra’
    Heuchera ‘Marmalade’
    Kerria japonica ‘pleniflora’
    Persicaria Amplexicaulis
    Rosa Etoite de Hollande
    Rosa floribunda ‘Queen Elizabeth’
    Sedum telephium ‘Purple Emperor’
    Tulipa ‘orange lion’
    Tulipa ‘dolls minuet




  • Within The Formal Gardens there is a new addition to The Grove Cedar Suite with new plantings including a ‘hot’ border with reds and yellows. The palms are Chusan Palms (trachycarpus fortunei). Planting design by Natasha Geldenhuys, Deputy Head Gardener. 

    Plant list:

    Trachcarpus fortunei palm
    Agapanthus africanus
    Panicum virgatum ‘rehbraum’
    Fatsia Japonica
    Lavender Munstead
    Rosemary Officialus Prostratus
    Echinachea ‘Orange Passion’
    Ajuga ‘Braun Herz’
    Verbascum ‘Flush of White’


    Cosmos ‘cosmic orange’

    Fritillaria imperialis ‘Stripped Beauty’
    Nerines white
    Iris Chrysographes ‘Black form’
    Canna ‘tropicanna’
    Hibiscus syriacus ‘bluebird’
    Cotinus coggygria ‘ grace’
    Physostegia virginiana ‘summer snow’

    Formal Gardens Landing

  • In 2010 the Rose Garden was completely re-planted to a new planting design and includes white scented roses, flowering shrubs with climbing roses and clematis growing up the ‘spirals’ in the corner of each bed.

    Beyond this are New Zealand Tree Ferns also planted in early 2010.


    Rose Gardens Landing

  • Nestled behind the main formal garden area is our stunning water feature display overlooking our championship golf course. Take in some fresh air and admire the scenery with some stunning art pieces collected from across the world. An idyllic place to stroll on a sunny day.


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