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Clinic with Dr John Brazier | The Grove
Thu 01 Oct
Fri 02 Oct

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Clinic with Dr John Brazier

5 October, 2020 - 8 October, 2020 / Spa

Book a consultation and treatment with the world-renowned doctor of complementary and alternative medicine

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Known as the ‘Health and Recovery Expert’, Dr John Brazier has 25 years experience globally working with professional sports organisations including Premiership, men’s and ladies European golf tours on health conditions and problems.

John is classed as one of the world’s best Neurological and Functional medical experts. His focus is on treating the ‘Root’ issues or the ‘Why’ that leads to various conditions, imbalances and symptoms, rather than the normal Western diagnostic approach to find out ‘what’ you are suffering from.  This way the correct form of treatment can be focused directly at the root cause and therefore accelerate recovery time and help to prevent health issues happening in the future.

Trish Johnson, 25 Times US & European Golf Tour Winner, stated “Ten cortisone injections & hundreds of treatments didn’t help. Two treatments with John & I could play. Six treatments & I have never suffered again in five years!! Truly amazing.”

We are very pleased to be welcoming Dr John for a 3 day clinic on Monday 5 October – Thursday 8 October where he will be holding 1 hour consultations and treatments for anyone who has any conditions they would like seen to.

1 hour Consultation and treatment – £180

1 hour Consultation and performance enhancement for golfers – £180

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Clinic with Dr John Brazier | The Grove