Our business ethics & values

Our hotel values can be split into three clear categories - people, guest and business.


  • As employers, we will provide a stimulating and ethical environment.
  • We will encourage everyone to express their views and be respectful and understanding towards each other's needs.
  • We believe in fair recruitment, two-way communication and will continue to invest in training and development.
  • Together we will take pride in our staff facilities and the operational efficiency of our back of house areas.


  • We will consistently look after our guests with genuine hospitality.
  • We will continually seek innovative and valuable feedback from our guests and staff.
  • We will achieve the highest possible standards by maintaining, evolving and investing in our guest facilities.


  • We believe in conducting our business in an ethical manner.
  • We will develop and grow the business using a thorough understanding of how and why our guests use our facilities.
  • We will have efficiently produced information that is timely, accurate and meaningful, with appropriate data capture and controls.
  • We should achieve an equitable return on investment.
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