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Top tips for at-home skincare, courtesy of our Spa Director

6 May 2020 / Health and Fitness / Spa /

With skincare supplies running low and facials currently out of the question, our Spa Director, Kirsty MacCormick shares her top tips for your at-home skincare regime.

Kirsty MacCormack Spa Director

1 . Take your time 

From eye cream to serum, moisturiser to SPF, there are a whole host of skincare products available, each with their own benefits. But applying these in a rush will most definitely limit the results. Instead, take your time when layering products. Allow each to absorb for two – three minutes before applying the next.

2. Avoid face wipes

Face wipes may seem more convenient, but there are all manner of reasons that skincare experts and therapists alike advise against them. Perhaps most importantly, you cannot rely on them to completely detox your skin, especially if you live in a city where pollution is high.

3. Invest in an SPF

I’m sure – like me – many of you will have been making the most of the wonderful weather, with days spent in the garden. But, with the sun contributing to the development of fine lines, I would  certainly suggest daily use of an SPF of at least 30. When you’re applying it, be sure to bring it down on to your neck and chest too.

4. Eight is the magic number

If you’re not already aware from the seemingly endless general knowledge quizzes, skin is the body’s largest organ. So, applying products will only go so far. Instead, take a holistic approach and nourish from the inside too. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night and drink eight glasses of water per day. Getting your five a day into your diet will help too.

5. Take a temperature check

With hot water removing the skin’s natural layer of oil, resist the temptation to increase the temperature of your shower. If you are going to cleanse your skin whilst showering, make sure the water is tepid at most.

6. Make a mask

Even if just to provide a moment of relaxation, a face mask is an absolute skincare essential. If you don’t have any pre-made face masks at home, fret not! Simply combine one part honey with two parts Greek yoghurt. Leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes, then rinse it off with a warm cloth.

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