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Prodigy is a fantasy-based maths game you can download for free on iOS and Android. The fun begins with creating your own character, then answering math questions to progress through the game with levels to suit your child’s ability. Parents can customise the game to ensure the correct skills are covered and view your child’s progress as they go along. Prodigy helps to make maths fun by offering rewards, quests and the ability to play with friends, so they can learn together. The game also offers a paid subscription that provides more features, such as access to pets, extra rewards and more maths challenges.

Karate Cats Maths

BBC Bitesize offers a great range of free educational games for kids, such as Karate Cats Maths. These comical cats guide your child through all the key areas of mathematics, including addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, shapes, statistics, and many more. Choose the difficulty level from bronze, silver and gold for each round, unlock challenges and earn a high score. 


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Endless Reader

These little monsters can help your kids learn how to read confidently with interactive word puzzles and fun animations. Recommended for kids under 8, this app focuses on “sight” words, which help young children recognise unusual words that may be difficult to sound out. Endless Reader uses fun designs and animations to bring words to life, as well as sentence puzzles to aid word recognition. It’s free on iOS and Android with the ability to purchase more word packs.

Karate Cats English

Another one from the Karate Cats family, this game helps your child develop essential English skills. With fun animations and a full cast of characters, Karate Cats English will keep your little one entertained as they learn grammar, punctuation and spelling. Unlock treats through each challenge and swap them for more cats, as they work their way to the black belt. As an added bonus, the game even features the voice of David Tennant, aka Doctor Who, as Sensei!



Tappity is the perfect educational app for kids looking to broaden their science knowledge and is  free on iOS. With topics designed for ages 4-10, it covers vital areas like space, animals, earth, the human body, evolution, and many more. Guided by Haley, your child’s very own science teacher, the app explains these complex topics with interactive games, lessons and activities. Your child can take part in real science experiments and answer trivia questions to test their knowledge. You can also access conversation starters, so you can discuss what they’ve learned with them. 

Toca Lab

Explore the elements of the periodic table in this colourful app for iOS and Android. Toca Lab brings the elements to life by giving each its own look and personality, so your child can familiarise themselves with each. Discover the world of chemistry through an interactive science lab and develop a hands-on understanding of how chemicals interact with one another. The more your child experiments, the more elements they can choose from on the periodic table.


History for Kids

Aptly named, this educational game takes children on an animated journey through ancient history. Recommended for ages 7 and up, the iOS app features a variety of interactive games, illustrations and videos to help your child learn. The app covers several important eras, including Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, Vikings, Aztecs, and more. Best played on a tablet, the easy-to-use screens help your child navigate through the app with the ability to unlock prizes as they go along.

Victorian Britain

Help your kids learn about the British Empire with the Victorian Britain app for iOS and Android. Packed with interactive features and fun facts, this app looks at life in the Victorian era, including the Industrial Revolution, as well as Victorian inventions, fashion, health and much more. Designed with kids aged 9-12 in mind, the app uses voiceovers to discuss the timeline of events and help children gain a better understanding of this iconic period in history.


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Pirate Bunnies: World Adventures

An adorable educational game for kids, Pirate Bunnies takes your little ones on a journey across the world to discover the seven continents and five oceans. Join Captain Carrot aboard his pirate ship and earn treasure as they sail the seas, improving their geography knowledge as they go. They can also experiment with the weather to learn about the seasons and discover flags hidden in the sand.

National Geographic Kids

An authority on all things geography, National Geographic Kids has a host of educational games for kids to help them learn. From quizzes to memory games, this free resource is perfect for keeping your kids amused while improving their geography knowledge at the same time. Whether it’s time to learn about astronauts or animals, the National Geographic site can help you out.

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