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The Benefits of Houseplants

1 May 2020 / Garden / Health and Fitness /

Anyone who has ever paid us a visit will know just how verdant our 300 acres are. From the moment you turn onto the sweeping driveway, you’re met with a breath-taking view of lush greens. Head Gardener, Natasha Geldenhuys, is also a big fan of indoor plants, which you can expect at every turn around the hotel,  from the lobby to The Glasshouse. Although perhaps most notable is the Potting Shed, which promises our very own ‘jungle’. 

But plants don’t just look good – they can make us feel good, too. From cleansing the air to boosting our mood and reducing noise levels, here are a few of the key benefits of houseplants.

Improving air quality

Indoor plants have been proven to purify the air in our homes and help us breathe that little bit easier. Symptoms like headaches, fatigue, itchy eyes, and sinus congestion are all a result of indoor air pollution. One of the biggest benefits of houseplants is they remove harmful toxins from the air and help to alleviate these issues. This is particularly important for rooms that lack natural ventilation, as well as improving the air quality of rooms during the winter months.

Houseplants also increase oxygen levels as a result of photosynthesis; the process of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. As this is the opposite of what we humans do, plants are the perfect companions! Filling your home with indoor plants helps to produce more oxygen and keep us healthy.

The best indoor plants to clean the air

So, what are the best indoor plants to purify the air?

Reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing

One of the most natural benefits of houseplants is the positive effect they have on our health and wellbeing. Just think how much better you feel after a walk in the fresh air. Being at one with nature helps to reduce our stress levels and increase relaxation, making us feel calmer. Bringing nature into your home can elicit those same feelings and helps to improve our general wellbeing.

Decreasing noise levels

A little known benefit of indoor plants is they can help to reduce noise, both from the outside world and busy buildings. Plants are great at absorbing sound through their leaves, stems, branches – you name it. The bigger the plant, the more sound it will be able to absorb. Indoor plants can also deflect sound, which is a particularly useful benefit of wall plants. Rather than the sound bouncing off the wall and back into the room, the plant will vibrate and transform this sound.

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