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Stir up a Hornets: Cocktail Recipe

7 May 2019 / Food /

Think lavender, honey and lemon: our exclusive new Hornets Cocktail gives you fragrant sips of garden flavours with a little bite. This refreshing cocktail was created by Holywater, who devised the Garden to Glass theme for The Glasshouse bar.

Why is it called Hornets? It could allude to its bright yellow colour or the local honey bees at The Grove, or even the local Watford Football Club – The Hornets. Whatever the reason, here’s the recipe…

Cocktail accessories

Martini Glass or Champagne Coupe/Saucer

Cocktail Shaker

Hawthorn strainer

Fine strainer


50ml Campfire London Dry Gin

20ml Hertfordshire Honey syrup (2 parts honey/1 part hot water)

5ml Lavender liqueur

20ml Lemon Juice

½ egg white

3 drops lavender bitters


Pour all ingredients into a shaker without ice and shake for 5 seconds. Add good solid cubed ice and shake for another 5 seconds. Double strain into your chosen glass and garnish with pegged dried lavender. Serve and enjoy!

Or if you’d rather leave the cocktail making to the professionals, why not pop into The Glasshouse Bar?

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