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Spa, Beauty and Wellbeing Trends for 2021

1 February 2021 / Spa /

From no touch treatments to eye yoga, we discuss 7 beauty, skincare and wellness trends dubbed ‘the ones to watch’ for 2021 with our Spa Director, Kirsty MacCormick.

Yoga class

Eye Yoga

Workouts for your facial muscles have been a trend for the past few years, but I think – with everyone spending more time on their devices – this will only increase in popularity. Yoga exercises specifically for the eyes will help with eye strain, but I feel this would be best tied into a regular yoga and meditation class to work on muscles throughout the body. For a deeper sense of relaxation – eyes or otherwise – I recommend trying a class with the addition of sound healing, as these have been very popular here at Sequoia spa.

Edible beauty and skincare

I have spent a lot of time working in Asia and edible (and drinkable) beauty has actually been a big trend there for the past 10 years. Now it’s hitting our shelves in the UK and most of the large skincare brands have supplements planned for 2021, I think this is a trend that will really take off. Look out for this in various forms, including drinks and chocolate.

No touch treatments

Although this will become more popular as people worry about their safety, it’s not one I’d be keen to delve into at Sequoia spa as all of our massages and facials rely on touch from our therapists; we provide a personal experience. However, spas providing treatments that use LED light to repair skin and tighten pores will certainly benefit from this trend.

Outdoor exercise

It’s no surprise that outdoor exercise isn’t going anywhere this year and it’s something we have already adapted to at Sequoia, holding outdoor personal training sessions and trail runs and walks through our grounds. It’s so important to be agile, and I’m sure our team will come up with even more ways of exercising outdoors for our members and guests.

Online dermatology appointments

With the increase in skin disorders including ‘maskne’ and stress related problems, it looks like more people will be looking for dermatology appointments this year. I think these appointments being online can actually be a good thing – it makes them more accessible and it’s simple to upload images and receive a personalised skincare prescription from the comfort of your own home.

ESPA Natural Facelift

Natural make-up

The ‘no make-up look’ is a beauty trend here to stay for 2021 after people have got used to wearing little or no make-up during lockdown and finding that their usual products feel a little heavy on the skin. We recommend lightweight make-up that allowes the skin to breathe; one of my favourites is Estée Lauder’s Futurist Hydra Rescue.

Environmentally-friendly multipurpose skincare products

It’s good to see that some good has come out of the last year; this last trend is a result of increased awareness of the impact of the beauty industry on the environment and climate change. People will be looking to multipurpose products, which means they are purchasing less and doing their bit to help the environment.

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