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Save your skin and keep the glow this winter: Five top tips

12 December 2018 / Lifestyle / Health and Fitness / Spa /

Whilst there are lots of things we love about winter (snow, hot chocolates and log fires – to name just a few), it can take its toll on our skin. Cold temperatures, artificial heating and harsh winds mean that our skin can be left dull and dry. We’ve recently welcomed pioneer of bio-nutrition skincare, OSKIA, into Sequoia spa at The Grove. So, we spoke to its founder, Georgie Cleeve, who has given us her top tips and must-have products to keep skin happy and hydrated throughout the chilly season.


Top Tip 1:

Boost hydration with a night cream

OSKIA Bedtime Beauty Boost

At night your skin is more active in regenerating and winter is the best time to start using a night cream if you don’t already. With a drop in temperature, wind and diet all putting extra pressure on the skin, it is important to use a night cream rich in regenerating nutrients and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Using a night cream that contains ingredients such as Butterbur, MSM, omegas and other extra hydrating boosters is a must. OSKIA’s Bedtime Beauty Boost is not only packed with toning, smoothing and radiance boosters; such as Milk Peptides, Niacinamide and anti-inflammatory MSM, which strengthens the skin’s support structure, but also Omega 3, 6 & 9, Triglycerides, Hyaluronic acid and Phytosterols to plump up skin, repair the lipid barrier and provide long lasting hydration throughout the night.


Top Tip 2:

Protect your hands

OSKIA Hand and Body Cream

Hands are one of the great indicators of age. Do you find they become rough, dry and under extra strain during the winter? This is where OSKIA’s Renaissance Hand & Body Cream is an AHA & collagen boosting fluid that keeps limbs and hands free from becoming chapped from the cold and left silky smooth.


Top Tip 3:

Omega it up

OSKIA Restoration-Oil

Oils should become your best friend during winter – both day and night. During the chilly months, your skin can lose its glow and become rough; central heating and harsh winds are often to blame. A way to prevent this is by using a good skin oil, not only do oils provide anti-inflammatory properties but they also plump, nourish and physically protect and replenish the lipid barrier, as well as giving the skin a natural glow. Not all oils are the same, we recommend using a lighter oil during the day and also add a drop into your moisturiser or foundation for an extra added boost of moisture. Clever face oils also contain oil-soluble actives (which penetrate quicker and deeper into the skin than water soluble actives). Introducing OSKIA’s Restoration Oil which is packed full of anti-inflammatory and collagen boosting actives – perfect for the winter months!


Top Tip 4:

Increase your cell respiration

OSKIA Get Up and Glow

It is important to look for energy-boosting serums that work by increasing cell respiration to give a natural glow. Without having to turn to fake tan, use a radiance boosting serum that works on a cellular level, as well as using light-reflecting pigments. In addition to natural light reflectors, OSKIA’s Get Up & Glow uses a natural sugar called Ribose, which increases cell respiration and the cell’s ATP energy to increase cell processes, leading to healthier skin and a 30.1% decrease in wrinkle depth. OSKIA’s Get Up & Glow serum contains butterbur to reduce redness caused by cold weather, Hyaluronic acid and biosaccharides to provide long lasting hydration. A powerful mix of antioxidants are also included in this serum, you will find; Immortelle Blue, Vitamin E, prebiotics and wrinkle smoothing Milk Peptides, which immediately lifts, firms and tones the skin. Skin will be left with a natural sheen and radiance as well as boosting key elements of the Dermo-Epidermal junction and increasing Hyaluronic Acid production by 1900% and reducing wrinkle depth by 35%.


Top Tip 5:


OSKIA Nutri-Active Day Cream

To give your skin further protection, use prebiotics, the winter weather strips away at the skin’s protective layers – the Acid Mantle – a mixture of sebum and sweat which inhibit the growth of bacteria due to its pH level of 5.5. Soaps and harsh detergents also strip away this layer and can change the pH of the skin. Therefore either using products with a pH of 5.5 or containing prebiotics will help protect the skin from bacteria during cold and windy spells when the skin’s lipid barrier is under attack. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria on the surface of the skin to the detriment of bad bacteria. OSKIA’s Nutri-Active Day Cream and Perfect Cleanser both contain a very high level of Prebiotic Oligosaccharide.


But if you’d rather leave the application to our experts, indulge in one of our OSKIA treatments at Sequoia spa, available from 21 January 2019.

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