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16 July 2015 / Health and Fitness / Spa /

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Tony Epps | Wellness Manager

Tony Epps, The Grove Hotel

Tony has always been interested in fitness and movement and is dedicated to the pursuit of health and wellness. From a background including martial arts and dance, he sees that there is benefit in all types of training, you just need to find the elements that work for you. ‘Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to see what you can achieve.’

Rafa Borges | Personal Trainer

Rafa grew up in Portugal, and since a young age he has had a great passion for sports in general, which is why he specialised his education in Health & Fitness. Rafa is really passionate about training and this is his most important trait. He enjoys all types of sports but has a special dedication to football and boxing. ‘I believe in what I do and work extremely hard in order for you to come out of this process happier, more confident, healthier and more important with the physique you want!’

Helena Perry | Personal Trainer

Helena Perry, The Grove Hotel

Helena’s interest in health and fitness arose from her BA honours degree in Dance and Fitness. She believes that fitness is a way of developing a positive outlook as well as promoting general wellbeing. When working with clients, Helena encourages a training environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to continally challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way. Her workouts primarily focus on HIIT, free weight and body weight exercises. As a Personal Trainer, she wants to share her enthusiasm, encourage a happier lifestyle and help you to realise what your body is capable of achieving to reach your personal goals.

Joel Lawler | Personal Trainer

Joel has been at The Grove since March 2018. He has a huge passion for training and helping people from all walks of life become a better version of themselves. Joel takes an analytical approach in helping his clients using a variety of training techniques, empowering them with knowledge – teaching them how to gain strength, posture, mobility, and flexibility.

Ben Fleming | Personal Trainer

Ben Fleming, The Grove Hotel

Ben will help you to make improvements to your lifestyle so that you can enjoy physical, mental and emotional health every single day. If you want a fitness expert to take a good look at your movements, routines, habits and goals, to get the best possible guidance on exactly what improvements ought to be made and how, Ben’s understanding of Biology, along with years of experience as a Personal Trainer, will take the guesswork out of living a healthy, productive life.

Freya Fownes | Personal Trainer

Freya is a true fitness all-rounder teaching classes, carrying out assessments, programmes and personal training. Freya plays netball to a high standard, and was in the England Development Programme from the age of 14. After suffering a bad knee injury in 2014 and then again in 2015, she was determined to get back to her original fitness level and increase the strength around her knee to come back stronger than ever. Freya is also a keen swimmer and uses this experience, passion and diversity to ensure her clients are motivated, happy and engaged to achieve their goals.

Charley Curtis | Personal Trainer

Charly Curtis, The Grove Hotel

The fitness industry has always been Charley’s interest and motivation. A believer in a healthy lifestyle, sport and fitness is a strong passion. In the last two years she has competed in a natural body building federation events. This experience has provided her with a wealth of knowledge, along with an understanding of the effects exercise and diet has on the body, both physically and mentally. Charley’s style of training is focused on changing an individual’s body shape, predominantly using weight training. Charley sees the opportunity to support individuals throughout their fitness journeys as a privilege and is looking forward to working with our members.

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Fitness Team | Lifestyle and Sport | The Grove Hotel