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Meet Your Fitness Team

16 July 2015 / Health and Fitness / Spa /

At Sequoia every specialist has been selected due to their passion and knowledge within the respected fields. Our specialists are experts in Fitness, nutrition, sports injury and functional movement offering personally tailored consultations and talks to help you improve and challenge yourself to obtain positive outcomes.

Ben Fleming

Ben Fleming – Fitness Supervisor

With years of experience as a Personal Trainer and an in-depth approach to exercise, Ben has already helped many people to perform, look and feel better. Ben loves to train and challenge himself and encourages others to do the same, taking a directed approach to working out, focused on achieving results rather than just making you tired and sweaty. Learning to move efficiently and effectively will help you to avoid injury, perform at a higher level, and reach your targets faster through exercise – Ben has the knowledge and experience to teach you.

Helena Perry

Helena Perry – Personal Trainer

Helena’s interest in health and fitness grew from her BA (Hons) degree in Dance and Fitness. During this time, she expanded her knowledge in the fundamentals of strength and conditioning, nutrition, exercise programming/testing, injury prevention and prescription/instruction. As a Personal Trainer, she wants the share her enthusiasm, knowledge and encourage a happier lifestyle and help you to realise what your body is capable of achieving to reach your personal goals.

Sophie Brasenell

Sophie Brasenell – Studio Coordinator

Over 28 years of experience in the industry and still going strong, Sophie is our Studio Coordinator who is well known for her passion for Group Exercise. From HIIT to Pilates and Spin to Body Pump, getting you in shape with a smile on your face is the ethos… with a large helping of hard work too! Within PT sessions Sophie likes to mix it up with CV and weights, using her vast knowledge of different exercise methods to help reach your targets. Sophie has had a lot of success with those that want to start to run. Starting with a shuffle, she has even had 2 clients representing Great Britain at Veteran Level in Triathlon, after they started from no running experience to run with her!

Joel Lawler

Joel Lawler – Personal Trainer

Joel has been at The Grove since March 2018. He has a huge passion for training and helping people from all walks of life become a better version of themselves. Joel takes an analytical approach in helping his clients using a variety of training techniques, empowering them with knowledge – teaching them how to gain strength, posture, mobility, and flexibility.


Irina Nagevica – Personal Trainer

Irina’s personal goals and achievements came from her own experience. She is very conscious of what she’s working and fighting against: fat! Her training sessions consist of high intensity cardiovascular and resistance training, which strengthen bone density, and improve postural habits, health and improve immune system. Her aim is to achieve her client’s goals as quickly as possible. Irina achieved it herself competing in bodybuilding in 4 categories in 2013 and 2016 – if she can, anyone can.

Deane Williams

Deane Williams – Personal Trainer

Alongside being a Personal Trainer, Deane is also a GP referral trainer. This enables him to be able to help clients with both physical and mental conditions. Deane loves to use boxing as one of his main forms of cardio to help clients reach their goals. He feels that boxing is not only fun but is a great way to burn calories whilst relieving stress. As a PT Deane specialises in helping clients reach aesthetic goals and injury prevention.

Connor Foy

Connor Foy – Personal Trainer

Having worked in a gym based environment for 4 years, Connor has a broad understanding of exercise, nutrition and other various methods of training. Connor started his fitness journey playing football and rugby as a child. In 2016 Connor sustained an injury which left him unable to train for 6 months, causing him to lose a lot of weight. Using this to drive his passion he studied rehabilitation, weight training, calisthenics and mobility work to prove it wouldn’t stop him. When training clients he uses a variety of training techniques for weight loss, hypertrophy and strength training. Connor also enjoys boxing and high intensity training to create a challenging but enjoyable session.

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