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Meet Julie Bach: Executive Director of Wellness for Cancer

23 October 2018 / Health and Fitness /

Julie Bach, Executive Director of Wellness for Cancer

Julie Bach is the executive director of Wellness for Cancer, a non-profit educational foundation  which aims to improve the quality of life for people touched by cancer. She is recognised globally for bridging the medical world with the world of wellness.

Julie has trained thousands of people in spas, hospitals and not-for-profits across the world, including our Sequoia spa therapists who deliver the Be Nurtured treatments to our guests. These treatments have been specially designed for those who are both undergoing treatment, or those who are in the recovery stage.

After 17 years working as an Integrative Therapist and Educator in Cancer, Julie was named Philanthropist of the Year at American Spa’s Women in Wellness Awards this year, in addition to receiving the Leading Woman in Wellness accolade at the 2017 Global Wellness Awards.

She joined us in early October for training, and took some time out to explain how she works with our therapists and why wellness is so important for those who’ve been affected:

“The NHS and many cancer centres, such as Macmillan Cancer Support, have looked at the benefits of self-care, massage and skin-care for people who have been touched by cancer – and they are all advocates for this. Taking time for self is extremely important.” said Julie.

“What we know from medical studies is that people are coming to sleep better, they’re coming for relaxation, for wellbeing. They value the time spent with a therapist who is understanding. It’s not just about protocol, but about understanding how to take care of a client.

“We educate the therapists on a client journey. We explain how to speak to a client, and that we are not focusing on their cancer – that’s not why they are coming. These people are coming here to get away from their cancer. They are coming to be nurtured and supported. It’s about being sensitive, and getting all the information required to be able to modify the treatment appropriately, so that everyone is confident, comfortable and relaxed.”

“All the training has been developed by cancer survivors. The Sequoia therapists have 50 hours of training in total, which is very high level and very thorough. It’s a combination of online training, in-person training with me and training with ESPA.”

“We also train therapists to modify any type of massage and to know which products are best-suited for the guests’ skin sensitivity. We don’t believe that there’s a one-size-fits-all-model. If the medical community can personalise medical treatments, then we can certainly personalise massages and facials.”

Our Be Nurtured treatments have been created in partnership with Wellness for Cancer and ESPA, delivering a personalised spa treatment experience for those living with and healing from cancer. Visit our Sequioa spa page to view the range.

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