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How protein shakes can help you stick to your fitness New Year’s resolutions

2 January 2019 / Health and Fitness /

Mince pies, mulled wine and unlimited chocolate; oh, the joys of festive fun. We all deserve some indulgence over Christmas, but January is a chance for new beginnings and new goals.

The Grove’s award-winning Sequoia Spa has recently teamed up with Neat Nutrition to offer a range of delicious protein shakes and snacks at the Juice Bar. Adding protein shakes to a balanced diet is a great way to help build and repair muscles, and can even help boost your metabolism too.

The chances are, most of us will make New Year’s resolutions and then break them by February. For those whose goal this year is to work on their fitness, we’ve got some great advice to help keep you on track. The team at Neat Nutrition have shared their insights into the benefits of adding protein shakes to your diet and how this will help you to stick to those goals.

It’s perfect for a busy lifestyle

One of the biggest barriers to sticking to your new year’s resolutions, is being too busy. Luckily, the benefit of protein powder is that it’s convenient and versatile. Just shake it up with water or milk for an on-the-go refuel or a snack at work. For those who struggle to find time to eat regular, balanced meals, a protein smoothie with fruit, veg, nut butter and milk is the fastest way to fuel your body well.

It’s a protein source

Protein is made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of your body. They help your body’s cells to repair and build – supporting all that hard-work you’ll be doing in the gym this January! The nine essential amino acids are those that you have to get from your diet, and Whey Protein provides the lot. However, for those who don’t consume dairy or are participating in Veganuary, Neat Nutrition’s Vegan Protein is specifically curated from hemp & pea protein to make sure you’re still getting all the amino acids you need. The chocolate vegan protein shake available at the juice bar located in Sequoia spa, is just the thing to help curb those sweet cravings and keep you on track with your transition to a plant based diet.

It helps build muscle

personal training at The Grove gym, hotel with full suite gym and spa facilities.

No matter whether your goal this January is to get fitter, stronger or leaner, building muscle has a whole host of benefits – from boosting your metabolism to increasing bone strength. When we exercise, small tears are formed in our muscle tissue. If you’re lifting weights and building muscle, in order to get bigger or leaner, this is how you do so – by tearing muscles and repairing them. So where does protein powder fit in? When your muscles repair, they use amino acids to rebuild cells. Protein powder, when made into a shake, will reach your muscles more quickly than solid food to start repairing those tears.

It keeps you full for longer

Juice Bar at Sequoia Spa

Worried about feeling hungry whilst eating in a calorie deficit? Well, numerous studies have shown that inadequate dietary protein intake leads to increased hunger and the desire to eat. There have also been recent studies that have shown that having a high-protein breakfast, specifically one containing Whey Protein, can help keep you feeling full for longer and reduce blood sugar spikes. It’s also been linked to weight-loss too! One of the hardest parts of sticking to a resolution to lose fat , is dealing with sugar cravings. The Neat Nutrition Berry Crunch protein bar, is the perfect post sweat session snack. Grab one of these after a virtual reality class at The Grove; it’ll satisfy your hunger and sweet cravings whilst helping you to repair and build muscle after exercise, as well as being a totally delicious snack! Win, win.

It’s not just beneficial to your muscles

Neat Nutrition - Cover

It’s not just your muscles that benefit from protein – any tissue in the body uses protein to build and repair. Hair, skin, nails – these are all built from protein. Do you have nails that are slow to grow and split easily? That could be a lack of protein in your diet. Even your body’s immune system is built on protein – it really is amazing! So, if one of your new year’s resolutions is to improve your overall health, then taking a closer look at your protein consumption, and protein shakes is a great place to start.


To get your 2019 off to the best start, why not indulge in a spa membership at Sequoia, complete with access to our state of the art gym and team of specialists.

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