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Executive Head Chef, Stephen Wheeler shares one of his summer favourites, Grilled Seabass with summer greens, tarragon and Kalamata olives. A light dish, this recipe is best served alongside a chilled glass of wine and a healthy dose of sunshine.


Serves 1


  1. First make a butter sauce by reducing the white wine & shallots & tarragon stalks by 2 thirds in a sauce pan and add the butter slowly which has been chilled in the fridge, whisk slowly but do not boil, should be a nice velvety texture.
  2. In a grill pan, season the seabass with salt and grill skin side down for 2 / 3 minutes, turn over and take pan off heat and finish cooking the fish.
  3. Wash all green vegetables and shell broad beans and then blanch in boiling salted water for 30 seconds and plunge into cold water and keep nice and green.
  4. Blend olives in a liquidizer until a paste add a little olive oil.
  5. To serve: Gently heat butter sauce and add green vegetables and chopped tarragon, spoon onto a large plate, put seabass on top and a spoon of the olive paste on top of the fish, garnish with micro herbs

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