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1. Make time for the range

Driving range

How many of us will be running from the car to the first tee without any warm-up routine? Sound familiar? It’s important you develop a relaxing pre-golf routine on the range so you don’t walk onto the tee cold. Not only does it warm up your golfing muscles, it relaxes you and it helps with nerves. And remember, on the range it doesn’t matter where the ball flies because it’s practice! Use the opportunity to try a few things too.

2. Give it a rip!

Golf Swing

It is a proven fact that one of the most efficient ways of lowering your score is to gain confidence with a Driver off the tee. If you can maximise your distance and keep your ball on the cut stuff, you’ll open a wealth of par and birdie opportunities during your round. Of course, a certain hole design might mean you have to opt for a 3-wood at times, but our advice is blow caution to the wind and go longer with the ‘big stick’ where you can!

3. Lay up to your favourite yardage

If the green is not in range on your second shot, think about the kind of yardage you might leave yourself to give you a confident next shot at the pin. Maybe you are at your most confident hitting a full pitching wedge 120 yards, rather than a 30-yard bump-and-run? Think about what suits your game and give yourself the best chance of success.

4. Put trust in what you know

The enjoyment of being in the great outdoors and breathing fresh air can quickly unravel when you are faced with certain shots that you dread, like playing a 3-wood second shot from the fairway on a long par 5, for example.

Rather than go for the ‘hero’ shot that you know 99 times out of 100 you are never going to make, put trust in the clubs that you love (we all have them!). You may have 230 yards to make it to the green, but you’ll enjoy your game so much more by playing within yourself. Pull out that trusty Hybrid and lay up short, or even a crafty 7-Wood, which will see you hit a lovely shot towards the green. Better to be in play than out-of-bounds!

5. Put your golf in perspective

Golfers can get fixated on their final score. What’s written at the end of the score counts, but is it? Don’t let a bad day on the golf course ruin a great experience with friends in beautiful surroundings. If your swing is not up to scratch, accept it and enjoy golf for what it is – a great social experience. Put your game into perspective!

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