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Four Ultimate Summer Facials

18 May 2022 / Spa /

It’s nearly summertime and as we all get ready to bare more skin, our Head Therapist shares all you need to know. She’s handpicked the four best facials here at Sequoia to say hello to perfect summer-kissed skin. Finally, she recommends six of the best DIY body and face products to take home with you, including a life-saver for hayfever sufferers. Count down to showing off beautiful, summer-ready skin!

ESPA Natural Facelift

ESPA Inner Beauty Facial – 80 minutes of sheer heaven

If you’ve lost your way with regular skin care or if you don’t have one (OMG!), this is the facial for you. Following skin analysis with our SkinVision™ lamp, your therapist selects naturally advanced spa skincare products rich in plant and marine extracts according to your individual needs. They’re used alongside tailored massage to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, purify and boost your complexion. This treatment also includes a specialised eyelift massage, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and relieve tension from eye-strain and computer headaches.

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*NEW* Diamond Experience Infusion of Life Facial – 80 minutes of pure bliss

If your busy life is starting to show on your face, I recommend this facial for you. It is a radiance-boosting facial, dramatically reversing premature ageing leaving the skin feeling luminous, revitalized and rejuvenated.

The treatment starts with a thorough consultation to determine what it is that you want from this facial. After cleaning the skin of impurities, your therapist will get to work with a three-phased exfoliating peel, followed by a myo facial-lifting massage. Transformational LED technology is used throughout, inducing a fast and deep penetration of the active ingredients, stimulating the synthesis of collagen. This visibly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles by increasing firmness and elasticity, whilst restoring youthful glow on every level of the skin.

This facial is the BEST way to end a busy day. I left feeling energised, radiant and glowing.

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ESPA Natural Face Lift – 80 minutes of total relaxation (but with a facial work out!)

Everyone’s talking about the newest facial to land here at Sequoia! Inspired by ancient Japanese Kobido techniques, the treatment is delivered in four stages: Detox, Invigorating Massage, Sculpt, and Relax. Using ESPA’s new Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome range, it’s a surgery-free alternative to younger-looking skin. Jade rollers are used to increase circulation and bring oxygen to the surface. And a soothing mask is applied to cool and refresh the skin.

Bearing in mind this holistic treatment doesn’t utilise some of the high-tech machines sometimes associated with lifting, sculpting and skin rejuvenation (microneedling, ultrasound etc) the results are quite extraordinary. There was a noticeable lift and contour in my cheekbones and jawline and my skin looked remarkably fresh and healthy!

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Complete Fountain of Youth Facial – 80 minutes of indulgence 

The ultimate age-reversing and age-preventing facial! Immaculate, precise, perfection. Thanks to the impressive plumping action of the active ingredients within the products used, which inhibits the movement of the muscle enhancing and prolonging the effects of micro injections, this professional lifting facial not only reduces expression lines but it also completely rejuvenates the complexion, producing extraordinarily hydrated skin. The ultimate combination to lift the face, neck and décolleté. You can thank us later!

This miracles session starts with a master cleansing ritual and radiance peel, packed with powerful ultra concentrates. Next, your skin will be blessed with a repairing and hydrating hyaluronic face mask, before finishing up with a truly rejuvenating face and neck massage. The result: renewal, firming, brightness, and an instant, powerful tightening effect coupled with exceptional hydration.

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Top 6 Summer Products to take home

ESPA products at Sequoia Spa

  1. Renaissance Hand & Body Cream by OSKIA | Banish ‘winter skin’ and treat hands and body to Oskia exfoliating Renaissance Hand & Body Cream packed with bio-available vitamins, fermented minerals, fruit AHAs and the very best bio-actives to chemically exfoliate dead skin cells, deeply nourish and rejuvenate. This luxurious and effective moisturiser leaves skin gorgeously soft and smooth from head to toe.
  2. Micro Exfoliating Balm | This creamy Micro Exfoliating Balm contains the tiniest MSM and silica particles to gently buff away dead skin cells, whilst nourishing the lipid barrier to leave your skin soft, radiant and glowing with health and vitality. Exfoliating once a week not only keeps skin in tip top condition, but also boosts the performance of your skincare products, allowing your products to penetrate deeper into the skin.
  3. Soothing Eye Lotion by ESPA | Soothing Eye Lotion is a summer skin staple. Like many, I suffer from hay fever… popping on damp cotton pads soaked in Soothing Eye Lotion for five minutes keeps puffy, irritated eyes at bay. Keep it in the fridge for extra cooling benefits!
  4. Optimal Skin ProSerum by ESPA | For me, ProSerum offers more than a serum, but it’s not as rich on the skin as oil – it’s great for rebalancing skin left stressed after winter. The sunflower concentrate replenishes ceramides and omega oils while turmeric delivers instantly noticeable radiance. Plus it smells incredible!
  5. C+C Vitamin Scrub by Natura Bissé | Take a night off each week to relax with a complete beauty ritual, including exfoliant and mask. After cleansing and toning, apply NB C+C Vitamin Scrub. It is a marvellous citrus-scented exfoliant that eliminates dead cells and prepares your skin, both to boost the benefits of the cosmetics you apply later, and to get a more even tan.
  6. C+C Oil-Free MacroAntioxidant®Sun Protection by Natura Bissé | This is not just an SPF; this is a revolution in skincare. C+C Oil-Free MacroAntioxidant® Sun Protection SPF 30 incorporates MacroAntioxidants®; extracted directed from the skin of the fruit, they provide unprecedented biological protection against sun radiation and free radicals. With that added dash of pro-vitamin D, an effective anti-aging ingredient, bask freely in the sun without ever worrying about spots, wrinkles or sagging!

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