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5 benefits of exercising outdoors

17 January 2020 / Health and Fitness / Spa /

We all know that spending time in nature make us feel good… and when you combine it with exercise you can double the endorphins. Don’t be put off by fresher, colder weather – we think it makes it all the more rewarding!

Man running in woodlands at The Grove

1. Improve your mood

Scientists say that even just a 15-minute walk in the middle of the day will increase those all-important neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine. These energise the brain and look after your circadian rhythms (your natural body programming which makes you feel alert or sleepy). Outdoor exercise also helps to reduce stress and symptoms of depression.

2. It’s more of a challenge

Running outside is more challenging than a treadmill thanks to wind resistance and uneven terrain, so your body has to work harder and burns more calories. It’s less predictable and surprises your body and mind. Likewise, cycling on a mountain bike along our woodland trails in the fresh air beats a stationary bike any day.

3. Get your daily dose of Vitamin D

The best natural source of vitamin D is sunshine. With so many of us sitting at a computer screen for the most of the day, it’s important to get outdoors more. It does you even more good if you can exercise earlier in the day and absorb natural daylight within two hours of waking up.

4. Improve your social life

Exercising with others means you’ll meet people and be more motivated to push yourself further. Our fitness team lead a fab weekly run club for everyone at every stage of fitness, plus a walking group where you can unwind while exercising in company. Find out more here.

5. It’s free!

…and all around you. You can walk or run pretty much anywhere! At The Grove you can explore over 300 acres of woodland, countryside and canal paths by foot or bike.

Join one of our al fresco fitness classes and start feeling the benefits of exercising outdoors today.

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