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Celebrating Beer and Burger Days

19 July 2021 / Food and Drink / Garden /

International Beer Day and National Burger Day both fall in August. Coincidence? We think not. In celebration, we share how these two British staples are brought to The Stables menu…

The Grove Beer

The Grove Beer

Did you know we make our very own Grove beer? In Jemima’s Kitchen Garden you’ll find homegrown hops – planted in partnership with the nearby craft beer producer, The 3 Brewers of St. Albans. They have created a Pale Ale and a Pilsner for us. Both are very refreshing, light and fairly hoppy and available exclusively at The Grove. We think it’s pretty special to be able to enjoy beer only 20 yards from where it’s grown!


 There are four different varieties of hops growing in our garden: Fuggles (which is a very traditional popular hop), Northdown, Challenger and Cascade. Whilst we grow the hops, the brewers make the beer by picking and drying the hops, keeping some back in pristine condition for later brewing. Water is added at a specific temperature to malted barley to draw out the right combination of sugars, proteins and carbs. They then separate the solids from the liquid before bringing it up to boiling point and adding in hops at three different stages to bring out a balanced flavour and aroma. Yeast is then added which eats the sugars and converts it to alcohol. Finally, just before bottling, they cold-filter the beer to remove the yeast while leaving more of the full flavour in place.

International Beer Day is on Friday 6 August.

The Stables Burgers

The Stables burger

What better to enjoy a cold beer with than a delicious burger? We have sought out the very best suppliers for our beef. Direct Meats work with local farms to source quality meat. As well as providing us with the very best tasting meat, we’ve developed a close working relationship with the team as they are progressive, base much of their work on looking after the environment and ensure the best provenance from their produce.

The Stables vegan burger and beer

Vegetarians and vegans don’t need to miss out on celebrating National Burger Day at The Grove! Our plant-based burger has been going down a treat ever since it was added to The Stables menu. Luke creates the patty from red lentils, sweetcorn, carrots onion, celery and herbs from Jemima’s Kitchen Garden,  garnished with garlic, peppers and rocket and served in a charcoal bun.

National Burger Day is on Thursday 26 August.

Experience The Stables mouth-watering food for yourself when you book a stay.

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