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Best BBQ Tips

7 May 2019 / Food and Drink /

Back gardens across Britain will be buzzing this May. Be the host with the most and get ready with tips and recipes from Luke Reeves, our Head Chef at The Glasshouse and our competition partner, Napoleon.

1. Grill your grill

Do your research and pick the right, good quality BBQ grill for your cooking style, social habits and outdoor space. It will save you time and money long-term.

2. Good prep = success

Do as much as you can before guests descend. Chop all veg and salads, marinate meat and fish, charge your skewers. Check if there any dietary needs / preferences you need to bear in mind? Last but not least, make sure you have ample gas canisters / charcoal.

3. Essential accessories

We recommend you get the following kit:

4. Set the scene

Don’t forget comfy seating, plenty of ice, garden games like croquet and the all-important playlist! Inevitably someone will forget sun cream / bug spray, so keep these to hand.

5. Keep safe and enjoy!

Clean and test your grill before the day, control the temp throughout to avoid flare-ups or undercooks. Don’t forget to keep some food for you!

Gin BBQ Skewers Recipe



Start this the night before you need it. Mix all the wet ingredients together for the marinade, add the onion, chilli and bay leaves, then massage the marinade into the pork. Cover in cling film and leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning, give it a good stir then push onto bamboo or metal skewers and chargrill on your pre-heated BBQ. Don’t be afraid to let it caramelise as the sugars from the soy and BBQ sauce will naturally create this effect once cooked. Serve with saffron rice and a crisp side salad, lime wedges and red chillies.

Spatchcock Poussin Recipe



Take a pair of scissors to the poussin and cut along either side of the back bone, snip either side of the wish bone and remove the back bone. Place the poussin cavity down and, using the palm of your hand, press onto the breast bone. You should hear a click. Next, mix the oils, herbs and lemon zest with some cracked pepper. Submerge the poussin in the oil breast side down and leave for 12-15 hours.

When ready to cook, drain from the oil, season with salt and sear breast side down to get some lovely bar marks. Cook for 4 minutes before turning so you will finish with a cross effect, then finish cavity side down so the bird cooks through the bones up into the breast. Once the meat is firm to the touch, leave to rest for 5-10 minutes. Cut the lemons you zested in half, chargrill then squeeze the smoky juice all over the birds before serving.

Don’t forget to enter our competition, celebrating the re-opening of The Glasshouse – you could win a swanky Napoleon BBQ, a selection of campfire gins, and so much more! Enter today!

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