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Autumn Skincare Tips

28 September 2020 / Spa /

A new season is a great opportunity to bring about change. So to repair summer damage and prepare for the cold winter days ahead, take a look at our Autumn Skincare Tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing in this transitional time.

1 . Invest in a facial steamer 

Facial Steamer

The benefits of steaming are more than skin deep. Steaming can help unblock pores, ease out embedded dirt and toxins and boost circulation which in turn promotes collagen and elastin reproduction. Best of all it, a steam treatment is relaxing and satisfying on the skin. Although our sauna and steam room is unfortunately closed at the moment, there are many home steamers available to purchase that are a safe, timed and effective way of achieving great results. We advise one of the following over the ‘bowl of boiling water and a towel’ method which can cause damage if the water is too hot, your eyes are exposed or you steam for too long.

Sarah Chapman Steamer


KINGA Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Home Facial SPA 

This compact steamer includes high tech features such as ionic and ultra-sound technology. Steam for 5 minutes, or 10 for a deeper cleanse, perfect for congested pores.


EZBASICS Facial Steamer is a new type of steamer that combines nano steam with ionic water particles, which is up to 10x more effective in penetrating skin than basic hot water steamers.


This steamer generates full-powered steam in under 30 seconds, opening and unclogging your pores whilst removing dirt, oil and residue make-up, as well as dead skin cells.



2. Exfoliate

Autumn is the time of year when we really need to prepare the skin for drier air and the changing climate of warm indoors and cold outside. Nothing does this better than the introduction of regular exfoliation. Exfoliation gently removes dry, dead skin cells – and fading, peeling sun tans – and stimulates circulation, bringing fresh oxygen to the skins upper layers, helping to regenerate skin cells. We have two recommendations for the new season which you can purchase at Sequoia.

ESPA Optimal ProCleanserNatura Bisse Extreme Glyco Peel 
As well as an exfoliator, this gel acts as a cleanser and mask that will nourish, smooth and brighten your complexion, leaving skin radiant.

After the warm summer, this exfoliator resurfaces your skin by removing damaged skin cells, leaving you with revitalized, refreshed skin.


3. Indulge in an Autumn Facial

The ultimate way to prep your skin, indulge in a facial at Sequoia. Our Head Therapist, Stephanie Harris, recommends the OSKIA Glow Facial which cleanses and boosts circulation. The 1 hour 20 minute treatment includes micro-exfoliation with refreshing peppermint and warming candle oil application which clears blocked pores and sinuses. During the revitalising facial, you’ll also enjoy a relaxing scalp massage which detoxifies pressure points, a lifting and contouring facial massage and a brightening mask to awaken you.

Take a look at all of Sequoia’s facials and book your Autumn treatment

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