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5 beauty influencers you need to follow

22 July 2020 / Lifestyle / Spa /

Like many of us during lockdown, we found ourselves spending much more time on social media, where we discovered a number of influential Instagrammers to follow.

For your inspiration, we’ve chosen our top 5 influencers who specialise in all things beauty. Whether it’s a focus on skincare, or tips from industry insiders, giving the bloggers on this list a follow should cover all your beauty needs. Plus take a look at some of their experiences at Sequoia Spa!

For luxe beauty videos:
Lydia Millen

Lydia Millen at The Grove

After building her blog for the last 6 years, Lydia Millen is now one of the biggest UK beauty bloggers, even collaborating with make-up giants Cult Beauty to create her very own beauty box. Lydia’s vlogs are always full of energy and detail, as you can see on her documented visit to The Grove at the end of last year where she relaxed at Sequoia Spa. Click here to watch.

Follow: Instagram | YouTube


For industry insider tips:
Nadine Baggott

Nadine Baggott beauty influencer

Nadine Baggott has nearly 30 years experience in the beauty industry as an editor and TV Presenter, meaning she has a wealth of knowledge to share. On her Instagram and YouTube channels – created for ‘beauty grown ups’ – you’ll find honest, unfiltered reviews combining science and humour as well as collaborations with other industry experts.

Follow: Instagram | YouTube

For beauty and lifestyle blog posts:
Lily Pebbles

Lily Pebbles at The Grove

As a a fan of Lily Pebbles’ Instagram channel and blog, we were delighted to host her at Sequoia early last year for a relaxing pregnancy massage. Follow Lily for her thoughts on new products from top beauty brands, skincare tips and experiences as a new mum.

Follow: Instagram | Blog


For the ultimate in skincare:
Caroline Hirons

Caroline Hirons

Caroline’s specialty is skincare and with over 13 million views on her YouTube videos, her advice is on how to get good skin is respected by so many. Mainly because she explains the facts but cuts out the jargon, sharing simple tips and tricks that are accessible for all. She’s even got her own book, ‘Skincare: the ultimate no-nonsense guide‘, a must-have for those who care about their skin.

Follow: Instagram | Blog | YouTube

For wellness inspiration:
Phoebe Greenacre

Phoebe Greenacre at Sequoia Spa

For inner beauty, turn to Phoebe Greenacre who’s on a mission to help people ‘realign their mind and body, heal trauma, discover their true calling and find flow in their lives’. Phoebe offers holistic healing, yoga and meditation classes to restore balance in your life. We were lucky enough to be inspired by Phoebe’s wellness journey when we met her at Sequoia.

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