Caring, flexible and friendly

Our values... a family friendly hotel near London

Coming to The Grove should be a delightful, no-stress, 5-star experience… that's what we want for you when you come to stay. This is the end result of our freedom to run our business with integrity and express our own values, because we're a private family-owned luxury hotel. We can just be ourselves… and so can you!

We're audacious... we devise endless bold new ideas like the Surprise Menus at  Colette's. We had the audacity to create a fabulous urban beach in the middle of our Victorian  Walled Garden. And run non-membership 'pay and play' Golf on a Championship 18-hole Course. It's also why we have such a large and quirky collection of original modern art. We like to surprise and delight our guests. We like to do things differently.

We're very flexible... nothing's too much trouble - just ask. From delivering finest cuisine in the small hours, to changing the last minute finer details of a small wedding or Google Zeitgeist conference.

We're passionate about quality... our attention to detail is meticulous. You'll see this particularly evident in our three restaurants and our care from plot to pot to plate.

We believe in close proximity to you and your world... yes, we're located very close to London so you can start enjoying your time off, sooner. But we're closer to you in other ways, too. We're friendly, not stuffy. There's no dress code. We make it easy to stay here.

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