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An expose on our signature main course - our rib of grass fed beef.

“Nothing tastes like beef from cattle that spend the summer contentedly grazing on lush, green pastures, naturally rich in minerals. In the depths of winter, they are sheltered in warm dry conditions, and enjoy a natural diet. We believe the skill and attitude of the farmer makes a crucial difference to the end product, and we only source from farms that uphold the traditional values of natural rearing.”     Donald Russell

This is the ethos of Donald Russell - the supplier of our signature rib of beef. The grass fed rib of beef is one of our most popular items - if you've tasted it you'll know why!

Here's the story behind it and how we cook it...

Donald Russell butchers are based in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire Scotland; they have been the holder of the Royal warrant since 1984, so our beef rib really is fit for a Queen! The cattle are naturally reared and grass fed, which not only gives the beef a cleaner taste but also makes it higher in omega 3 fatty acids. You do not get this with the grain fed equivalent. It is then dry aged for a minimum of 21 days, which improves tenderness, flavour and overall eating quality.

Once the beef arrives into the chefs hands we then slowly cook the rib overnight for around 12 hours, which allows the beef to stay soft, tender and juicy. There are no additives, all we do is season the rib with sea salt and pepper and into the oven it goes.

It’s cooked on the bone for the best flavour and always cooked rare to allow you to experience the product at its best (however, should you prefer your beef cooked further just ask the chefs when they are slicing your beef they’ll be more than happy to slice the end piece or cook the slice of beef on the griddle to take it to your desired liking).

Once out of the oven the beef is allowed to rest, which relaxes the meat. We then take the rib off the bone to allow for easy carving and flash it on the grill to seal the outside, then it’s ready for your enjoyment.

Some beef rib facts

  • Each rib weighs between 7 – 8 kg
  • On an average week the chefs will cook and serve 65 – 75 of these top quality ribs, that's a whopping 525kg a week!
  • To accompany the ribs on an average week we will also make around 2,100 Yorkshire puddings
  • We'll also serve 70 litres of gravy and 15 litres of horseradish sauce.

The providence and quality of the products we use are key to ensuring we deliver the best food experience possible when dining at The Glasshouse. We look forward to welcoming you to the restaurant soon.


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