April Gardens Blog

Our gardens are springing into life...

As I look out over the estate that surrounds The Grove smoke from the canal boats drifts its way through the tree line as the sun sets over the horizon on the other side of the hotel.  There’s a general mistiness along the water and across the magnificently manicured golf course.  Spring is a wonderful time to think about the season ahead, but also there are times like this evening when we can marvel at the landscape around us.  The trees are just beginning to come into leaf and the flowers of the season are coming out.

Yesterday I noticed the wisteria on the hotel is just beginning to come out.  Daffodils are out all over the gardens and the tulips are beginning to colour up.  (I found out recently that you can eat tulip petals in salads – although some people do have an allergic reaction to them). 

The borders are waking up and the herbaceous plants are starting to make an appearance.  In the Walled Garden the walls are clothed in blooming fruit trees – hopefully a sign of the good crop to come!  Some strawberries are also in flower and the chefs from Colette’s kitchen are picking asparagus. 

So, the season begins... And Easter is nearly upon us. I do hope the Easter Bunny is careful when dancing through the spring greens!


Parsley   Parsley - Petroselinum crispum

This herb comes in various types. The most seen and most common is the Curled, but the chefs here favour the Flat / Plain (or French).  We also grow the Italian Parsley, which has strong flat leaves as well as Hamburg, which is grown for its root as well as the leaves.  Chew parsley to destroy garlic odour on the breath. Parsley is a duiretic, calmative, antiflatulent, and stimulates appetite. Parsley is rich in vitamins and minerals.

(Warning: excessive consumption of Parsley should be avoided if pregnant)

Tree  of the month

 Walled Garden Fruit Trees




The English Bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scripta

By Easter the woodland walks will be a mass of blue with The English Bluebell. Hyacinthoides non-scripta have strap-shaped leaves and bell-shaped fragrant, blue narrowly tubular flowers.  (They can also come in pink and white).

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